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Submitted Thu 15 Jul '10
Track, improve, and share your fitness

WithFit tracks and analyzes your fitness progress. It helps you improve your fitness, figure out how to get fit, and share your fitness progress. Read more

Submitted Wed 14 Jul '10
Embed your Android applications everywhere is a free web & mobile service able to provide a nice widget containing your own favorite Android applications. The user just need to register for free in the website,... Read more

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  • Gesturely
    Some apps are sent to change our lives - this is one of them
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
  • Trevvo
    A handy and free CRM for small business that's been designed for your tablet
  • Lemon Group Messenger
    A group messaging app that would even make Don Draper proud
  • Zinkerz TOEFL
    Pass your 'English as a second language' test the first time!
  • Invasion: Online War Game
    Invade and plunder your enemies with a great new online war strategy game for mobile
  • Deflecto
    Give enemy clouds the finger with this fast and addictive iOS game
  • Why.Not?
    Change the way you interact with people and events online
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New apps

  • Swipeout!
    Clean and easy casual game
    Submitted Sun 30 Aug '15
    Free endless runner game with...
    Submitted Sun 30 Aug '15
  • WeedFeed
    The Dankest in Marijuana News
    Submitted Sun 30 Aug '15
  • Social Elections Maroc
    Elections Maroc: Votez et exprimez...
    Submitted Sun 30 Aug '15
  • Let's Settle IT
    Submitted Sun 30 Aug '15
  • Cinnamon Grocery Shopping List
    Improve your grocery shopping and...
    Submitted Sat 29 Aug '15
  • Photocon
    Photocon is a slick photo editing app...
    Submitted Sat 29 Aug '15
  • FloodBreaker
    Save Marcus
    Submitted Sat 29 Aug '15
  • A+ Reminder
    Missing renewal dates will be a thing...
    Submitted Fri 28 Aug '15
  • JobZapp
    The job search app for graduate,...
    Submitted Fri 28 Aug '15
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Submitted Wed 14 Jul '10
Design and concept client feedback tool for...

Notebox – a design and concept feedback app/tool – was created to help designers get client feedback ‘on’ their designs in a simple, client-friendly way.... Read more


Submitted Wed 14 Jul '10
Mobile analytics and mobile billing

Bango is a mobile internet company specialized in mobile billing and independent real time mobile analytics. Collect payments from mobile websites or within apps Bill on all... Read more

Pixpa - Online Portfolios

Submitted Wed 14 Jul '10
Showcase your Portfolio with Style & Simplicity

Pixpa is a platform for delivering portfolio websites for creative professionals. Pixpa enables photographers, artists and designers to showcase and market their work online... Read more

Open Menu

Submitted Wed 14 Jul '10
Sharing your menu with the world

Open Menu™ will provide a single format for restaurant menus which can be easily shared, searched and used. By providing a single, controlled specification for restaurant menus... Read more

WorldWide Telescope

Submitted Wed 14 Jul '10
Immerse yourself in a seamless beautiful...

WorldWide Telescope (WWT) enables your computer to function as a virtual telescope, bringing together imagery from the best ground and space-based telescopes in the world.... Read more


Submitted Wed 14 Jul '10
Remember People You Meet

Easily take notes about people and keep in touch using follow-up reminders. Take notes about the people you meet Search all your notes to remember people Create follow-up... Read more


Submitted Wed 14 Jul '10
Simple, fresh bill management

The easiest way to track your bills. We provide you with an inbox for your bills to help you aggregate, track, compare and archive all your bills in real-time. Upon receipt, your... Read more


Submitted Wed 14 Jul '10
Community and Culture Challenge: Buy local

We work with great businesses to structure a challenge and promote actions that benefit society. When you log your action, you get a reward from the business! Read more