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Submitted Sun 19 Apr '09
The Internet for PETS!

With so many pets using computers (whether or not their guardians realize it), the animals at Petentials got together to create a full online community for non-humans of all... Read more


Submitted Sun 19 Apr '09  ·  1 comment
Low Fat High Protein CMS Engine

WebEvolver is a Low Fat High Protein CMS Engine that allows anyone from any industry to create their very own online social networks, portals, intranets, web applications and so... Read more

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    Customize your Facebook Timeline page
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    An array of tools to create your Facebook fan page fast
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  • Miitla - Mind It Later
    One click bookmarking in one location
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  • Smivi
    Smart social video searching made easier
    Review posted Thu 5 Jan '12
  • Print a Calendar
    Fast calendars to print
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    Advanced analytics for your website
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  • GINQ
    Share your short and precise movie reviews
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  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
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Submitted Sat 18 Apr '09  ·  1 comment
Feed your inbox.

Get technology/webmaster news from all over the internet delivered to your inbox daily. Read more

Simple Country Codes

Submitted Sat 18 Apr '09  ·  1 comment
International Country Codes Made Simple

Ever have trouble remembering what country codes you need to dial to call internationally? Find out International Calling Codes. Read more


Submitted Sat 18 Apr '09  ·  2 comments
What do you buy

Buytter is an application that allows members to buy other members to Twitter. With Buytter, the Twitter-ers can also exchange gifts, kisses and pokes. Read more


Submitted Sat 18 Apr '09
Free Project Management Tools for Everyone

Taskbarn is a social project management application. Create a free project at a subdomain and you are able to post news in a Twitter-like feed (and update Twitter... Read more


Submitted Sat 18 Apr '09
The iPhone audio blogging app

AudioBoo is an application for recording and sharing your audio with the world. A built in recorder allow you to create audio up to 3 minutes in lenght and post that to your own... Read more

We Are Hunted

Submitted Sat 18 Apr '09  ·  1 comment
The Online Music Chart

The latest music news from around the globe. It aggregate social networks, forums, music blogs, Torrents, P2P Networks and Twitter to develop a daily chart of the 99 most popular... Read more

Great Green Careers

Submitted Sat 18 Apr '09
Energy jobs, environmental jobs, skilled trades...

Great Green Careers has alternative energy jobs, environmental jobs, green building jobs, social investing jobs and other green jobs. Read more


Submitted Sat 18 Apr '09
A Marketplace for Twitter - Buy and Sell Premium...

TwitPub makes Twitter a marketplace for premium tweets. Subscribe to quality content such as Horoscopes, Jokes, Quotes, Stock Tips, Headlines, News and more. Read more