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Submitted Mon 28 Jun '10
Free, Fast and Simple Email Reminder

On your next email just include [email protected] and it will follow up after the time interval you specify. It sends only one email reminder per request (ie, it will... Read more


Submitted Mon 28 Jun '10
Work on one document simultaneously

TitanPad was launched to provide an EtherPad setup which is unrelated to any commercial and political entities. Its goal is to offer a stable service through proper... Read more

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  • WakesApp
    A simple, fun and free app to remind you of everything that you need to do
  • Trevvo
    A handy and free CRM for small business that's been designed for your tablet
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
  • Slemma
    Collaborative data visualization thats easy to use, cost effective and all in one platform
  • MathsMatch
    You can have fun with maths and be good at it too
  • Geenio
    Create your own business courses to keep your employees up to scratch
  • Camera Plus Snap Macro Photos & Take The Best Selfies with AirSnap
    Make your iOS device your camera and your Apple Watch your viewfinder to the world
  • Muut
    A free, fully customizable forum and commentary box for your website
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Submitted Mon 28 Jun '10
Bring Your Facebook Picz To Life!

Bring Your Facebook Picz to Life, Two at a Time: Find two photos Upload to Flipicz Play with it – Adjust the speed, align the images and alter the illusion Jam to it... Read more

99 Desk

Submitted Mon 28 Jun '10
OutSource your Next Project is a global outsourcing solution and freelance jobs portal. We provide a secure platform for Freelancers working from home, Freelancing IT companies and Service buyers... Read more


Submitted Mon 28 Jun '10
Share and track your exercise & fitness activity...

Just follow @fitalytic and tweet your exercise activity. Charts to track your progress over time. You can even display them on your own website or blog. Track any activity.... Read more

Submitted Mon 28 Jun '10
URL shortener for all things music is a URL shortener for all things music that connects artists with their fan communities on Twitter and helps fans share music and cool music content. Shorten a link to an... Read more


Submitted Mon 28 Jun '10
The Helpful Twitter Client

Make Twitter Easy. Discover your Content. Grow your Following. Schedule your Tweets. Be the SIGNAL not the NOISE Read more


Submitted Mon 28 Jun '10
Exchange honest opinions with friends

Social networking service that lets users exchange anonymous messages with friends and strangers. Users can pose a question for anyone to respond to anonymously, and anyone can... Read more


Submitted Mon 28 Jun '10
A straightforward sketch app for iPad

You can get it in the App Store for $9.99. It only comes in black. You can draw in white or red. It automatically saves whatever you draw. You can share sketches via email or ... Read more

London DataStore API

Submitted Mon 28 Jun '10
A first step towards freeing London’s data

Train Predictions Service – Summary: This service will return train prediction information for an entire line or for a nominated station on a line for a given time range. The... Read more