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Google Maps Real Estate

Submitted Tue 7 Jul '09  ·  45 comments
Find properties on the market

Use Google Maps to: Find houses currently on the market. Search nearby for schools, restaurants and public transport. See the property in Street View to explore the... Read more


Submitted Tue 7 Jul '09
Social bookmarking for introverts

Pinboard features: Easy import and export in format. Nightly database backups to S3 (welcome, Ma.gnolia users!) Cached copies of all your bookmarks. Lightweight... Read more

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    One click bookmarking in one location
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    Advanced analytics for your website
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New apps

  • PWUL
    A free service that emails you when a...
    Submitted Tue 25 Nov '14
  • Mobile App Development Tools
    Create Free Online App Tool
    Submitted Fri 21 Nov '14
  • Spotistic
    Online marketing platform for shops,...
    Submitted Fri 21 Nov '14
  • Math Explosion
    educational math game
    Submitted Fri 21 Nov '14
  • Nanpisa
    Are you smart enough to become the...
    Submitted Fri 21 Nov '14
  • Invisible Email
    invisible, message sending , secure...
    Submitted Fri 21 Nov '14
  • Bipsync
    Research Automation for Modern...
    Submitted Fri 21 Nov '14
  • My Little Car Wash
    The funny cars, trucks and vehicles...
    Submitted Fri 21 Nov '14
  • Zeplia Health
    The companion app for your way to a...
    Submitted Fri 21 Nov '14
  • Teamgate
    CRM, Sales CRM
    Submitted Fri 21 Nov '14
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Submitted Tue 7 Jul '09
Mapping solutions for your business

Easy to use and gratifying way to put your data on a map. Import your data from spreadsheets, maintain it with fun tools, share with coworkers and friends, publish to the... Read more


Submitted Tue 7 Jul '09
The definitive source for Athletes Communication

Jockipedia is where you can find an athlete’s REAL Twitter Feeds, THEIR own Personal Blogs (as opposed to blogs about them), THEIR real Facebook and MySpace pages (as... Read more


Submitted Tue 7 Jul '09  ·  1 comment
Check your website position in the major search...

InstantRankmeter is an online service that gives you a complete statistical overview on how your website is performing within the Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engines. All you... Read more


Submitted Mon 6 Jul '09  ·  19 comments
Your online cinema, anytime, anywhere.

MUBI (previously known as “The Auteurs”) is an online cinematheque: a place to watch, discuss, and read about the best of cinema. At its core, it is a web site with a... Read more


Submitted Mon 6 Jul '09
Makes casual gaming more fun

Described by Webalon founder Alex Kearns as “iTunes for online games”, Gambolio allows users to create and play their own library of online games in the same way as... Read more


Submitted Mon 6 Jul '09
A high-tech treasure hunting game

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called... Read more


Submitted Mon 6 Jul '09
Publish your content to twitter from your RSS...

The easiest way to publish your content to twitter, directly from your RSS feeds Main features: Secure using OAuth, we don’t ask for your twitter username and... Read more


Submitted Mon 6 Jul '09
A place to save interesting things found in the...

deepmemo is a social quotation service, the best friend of Internet user. deepmemo allows easily and quickly to save everything interesting you come across in Internet. Using tags... Read more