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Submitted Sun 28 Jun '09
Live Streaming Video API

StreamAPI is an easy and cost effective way to incorporate live streaming video into your website or application. Read more


Submitted Sun 28 Jun '09  ·  4 comments
Live video streaming platform for professionals

PayPerLive is a subscription service enabling its professional users a reliable high definition platform to stream their free shows and ticketed events. PayPerLive offers all that... Read more

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Submitted Sun 28 Jun '09
Citizen Journalism Live Report

Live Citizen is a platform for everyday reporters to comprehensively report the news by streaming live video broadcasts and publishing articles, photos and videos covering a range... Read more


Submitted Sun 28 Jun '09
Trade stocks via Twitter

PollyTrade links your Twitter & E-Trade accounts. Execute stock trades just by tweeting. Example: to buy 100 shares of GE, tweet @pollytrade buy 100 shares GE Read more


Submitted Sun 28 Jun '09
Personalized Recommendation Engine: Restaurants,...

Discover restaurants, nightlife, travel, shopping, and an array of activities that match your preferences to people with similar interests. Read more


Submitted Sun 28 Jun '09
Where artists make songs just for you

GreetBeatz enables a totally new type of virtual gift, one that has actual value. With GreetBeatz, you can commission a talented independent artist to write and produce a highly... Read more

Chilli Factor

Submitted Sat 27 Jun '09
The online recruitment resource

Chilli Factors’ online recruitment resource is a powerful knowledge base toolkit packed with recruitment guides, templates, systems and advice helping companies gain... Read more

Pizza Tweetup

Submitted Sat 27 Jun '09
Create your own Pizza Tweetup for free

PizzaTweetup enables people around the world to set up their own free pizzatweetup events. We have done many down in South Florida ( to watch videos) and... Read more


Submitted Sat 27 Jun '09
Interactive Web Comics

Be the author of your own comic strip without having to draw, share and remix your comics with the world. Easy-to-use click and drag comic creator gives you the power to design... Read more


Submitted Sat 27 Jun '09
JavaScript framework for a more delicious web

scripty2 is a powerful, flexible JavaScript framework to help you write your own delicious visual effects & user interfaces. scripty2 is a rewrite of the Read more