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Color Hunter

Submitted Sat 27 Jun '09
Create and find color palettes made from images

Color Hunter is a place to find and make color palettes created from images. To find color palettes on Color Hunter, enter a search term in the box at the top of the page. You can... Read more


Submitted Sat 27 Jun '09  ·  6 comments
Online comic strip made by you

Got a funny joke or a story to tell? Get ready to share it in a whole new way. Free online toys to create awesome comics: create any character, including you and your friends! Read more

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Submitted Sat 27 Jun '09
Follow friends that your friends recommend.

Send a #followfriday tweet recommending people to follow with a short explanation of why people should follow them. Read more


Submitted Sat 27 Jun '09
Smart social search: a better way to search

Semanti lets you stop searching and start finding the pages you want. It’s a simple browser add-on that lets you save your favorite pages to your personal web and improves... Read more


Submitted Sat 27 Jun '09
Take a photo. send a postcard

goPostal is an application that will allow you to create and mail a physical, personalized postcard to any friend, relative, or associate directly from your iPhone. Simply take a... Read more


Submitted Sat 27 Jun '09
Whose turn is it

Twurn is a Twitter app by Harmonypark that helps groups of people resolve heated debates, such as who has to make the coffee, and then tweets the outcome to everyone... Read more

Twitter Trivia

Submitted Sat 27 Jun '09
Tweet-back answers and win real prize

Trivia on Twitter. Follow @trivia · Watch for Questions · Tweet-back answers & WIN REAL PRIZES. It’s that simple! Read more

Summer of Social Good

Submitted Sat 27 Jun '09  ·  18 comments
Social Media for Social Good by Mashable

Summer of Social Good is the first large scale online charitable campaign to raise funds strictly online through the power of Social Media and the Internet. The goal is to use the... Read more


Submitted Sat 27 Jun '09
You are now the most powerful person in America

Vote on bills currently in congress. See the bills on President Obama’s desk. See if we are in agreement with our government. Read more


Submitted Fri 26 Jun '09
Browser Resolution Tool For Webmasters

ViewLike.Us allows for webmasters to quickly and with ease check there website in various screen resolutions, including the iPhone. The system uses Ajax & PHP and thus... Read more