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Submitted Wed 7 Jul '10
Engage in an anonymous (or not) linear dialogue...

Anologue is like comments, meets im, meets irc, meets your favorite paste app, meets instant coffee. With anologue you can quickly and easily engage in an anonymous (or not)... Read more

Fonts Live

Submitted Wed 7 Jul '10
Premium quality web fonts using CSS @font-face

FontsLive offers a simple, fast & reliable service for enhancing the typography on your website using hundreds of premium web fonts from leading type designers and... Read more

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  • Gesturely
    Some apps are sent to change our lives - this is one of them
  • Trevvo
    A handy and free CRM for small business that's been designed for your tablet
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
  • Lemon Group Messenger
    A group messaging app that would even make Don Draper proud
  • Zinkerz TOEFL
    Pass your 'English as a second language' test the first time!
  • Photocon
    An easy way to stich two photos together without using Photoshop
  • Invasion: Online War Game
    Invade and plunder your enemies with a great new online war strategy game for mobile
  • Why.Not?
    Change the way you interact with people and events online
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Submitted Wed 7 Jul '10
Writing down and organizing all the little stuff...

Your free, private, secure site for writing down and organizing all the little stuff in your life…and share if you want! write down and keep track of anything share my... Read more


Submitted Wed 7 Jul '10
a TODO app done right

It’s a TODO app. The main idea is that you can have 2 views of the same todo list: one is for the structure, so that you can have the global vision of the project, and one... Read more

SMarT Adx

Submitted Wed 7 Jul '10
The Smart Ad Marketplace

SMarT Adx connects brands with targeted, relevant audiences. Read more


Submitted Wed 7 Jul '10
Don't Let Your Website Go Down

100pulse Monitoring service is to monitor websites for downtime and response time. Analyze the uptime / downtime and performance of your websites & servers with reports... Read more

Creative Ad Awards

Submitted Wed 7 Jul '10
The World's Most Creative & Sophisticated...

Creative Ad Awards is one of the best advertising archive, serving all the advertising fan and others who need it. Worrying about experiencing Ads with poor quality? You will feel... Read more


Submitted Tue 6 Jul '10
Check-in. Get Deals.

You check-in every day at restaurants, bars & coffee shops. Sadly, you probably aren’t the mayor of most of them, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to... Read more


Submitted Tue 6 Jul '10
Where you create the buzz.

An online community and social networking site for the arts and crafts industry. Connects professional crafters, hobbiests, manufacturers and consumers together. Includes a... Read more

iPhone & iPad Inspirations

Submitted Tue 6 Jul '10
Help you finding iPhone & iPad Inspirations is a showcase gallery featuring the best iphone and ipad app / web design Read more