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Submitted Mon 11 Jan '10
Secure document sharing with your customers

Kourier is a platform for managing incoming documents sent by your customers. No more dealing with email attachments or multiple faxes. Kourier provides a single view of all... Read more


Submitted Mon 11 Jan '10
Online Event Registration Service

An online event registration service that allows you to create, publish and promote your event for free. Set it up on your personalized event page with our easy to use... Read more

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    Customize your Facebook Timeline page
    Review posted Mon 9 Jan '12
  • Build Chatter
    An array of tools to create your Facebook fan page fast
    Review posted Fri 30 Dec '11
  • Miitla - Mind It Later
    One click bookmarking in one location
    Review posted Tue 3 Jan '12
  • Smivi
    Smart social video searching made easier
    Review posted Thu 5 Jan '12
  • Print a Calendar
    Fast calendars to print
    Review posted Thu 5 Jan '12
    Advanced analytics for your website
    Review posted Fri 6 Jan '12
  • GINQ
    Share your short and precise movie reviews
    Review posted Fri 30 Dec '11
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
    Review posted Sat 7 Jan '12
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  • New York City Travel Guide
    Augmented Reality with Street and...
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Quran Online
    Quran Arabic English with Audio
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Market
    The Perfect Stock Market App
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Hover
    #1 app for RC Aircraft Enthusiasts
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Mailmen
    A Tool To Help You Write Better Cold...
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Easter Bubbles
    Easter Bubbles is nice and...
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Entrée
    Your Restaurant In Real-Time
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Countryball Adventures
    Get rolling with your Countryballs!
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Proximity
    Proximity helps you chat & locate...
    Submitted Fri 27 Mar '15
  • iPursue
    A simple mobile app to manage items...
    Submitted Fri 27 Mar '15
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Submitted Mon 11 Jan '10
2D physics sandbox

A 2D physics simulation software with an easy to use interface. Read more


Submitted Mon 11 Jan '10
A simple way to track your to-dos

Scattrbrain is a lightweight program for managing the little tasks and reminders we keep track of in our day-to-day lives. Let is sit quietly on your desktop and feed it new tasks... Read more


Submitted Mon 11 Jan '10
Wanna know who was your first follower?

Do you want to know who was your first follower? Enter your Twitter nick. Read more


Submitted Mon 11 Jan '10
Create your custom event and invite twitter...

With VeVite you can create a custom event and invite twitter friends. Read more


Submitted Mon 11 Jan '10
100% user-controlled radio

Jelli is radio democracy, putting the airwaves in the hands of the listeners. Choose a station and join forces with other listeners to decide what plays — online and over the... Read more


Submitted Mon 11 Jan '10
Social Driven advertising and marketing solutions

Zibaba is a distributed social shopping service that lets friends stay connected when shopping anywhere on the web. No longer will you need to waste time wading through hundreds... Read more


Submitted Mon 11 Jan '10
Build a queue of tweets for your Twitter account

TweetsQueue lets you build a queue of tweets for your Twitter account. The tweets in the queue will be twittered in a configurable time interval. This is great for collecting... Read more


Submitted Mon 11 Jan '10  ·  5 comments
The PHP Framework You've Been Waiting For

Recess speeds you up without slowing your apps down. You should enjoy PHP development. That’s why Recess exists. Recess is a serious PHP framework designed to give you a... Read more