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Fast and efficient iPhone expense management for freelancers or small business

Falcon Expenses Fully mobile expense tracking.
Review posted Fri 6 Dec '13  ·  952 comments

We all know how difficult it seems to be for big business to track and bill expenses accurately even with their larger workforces and sizeable resources. Now, imagine how difficult and time consuming it must be for the freelancer or small business. Falcon Expenses has come up with the answer with this expense tracking application for iPhone that lets you track your full expenses without the need to keep records on your computer. Automatically track mileage, scan receipts and log billable hours and keep accurate records - all from your phone.   Falcon Expenses is the first fully mobile iPhone ... Read more

Simple and intuitive expense reporting

Expense Sheet Tracker Expense Reporting Made Easy
Review posted Tue 22 Jan '13  ·  44 comments

One of the great things about so many business apps is that they seem to have dedicated their existence to trying to save the small businessperson time and, as a consequence, money and here is an app that lives up to those ambitions. Expense Sheet Tracker is a new receipts and expense management application that lets you add emailed receipts, expenses and photos via your smartphone that provides a very simple service in an exceedingly efficient way. This very professional cloud-based app features an easy to use and user-friendly interface as well as delivering everything an expenses app should. This ... Read more

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  • SplitWizard
    Magically split your checks and bills
    Submitted Thu 13 Mar '14
  • Xpenditure
    Never type your expense notes again.
    Submitted Wed 19 Feb '14
  • Budget Planner
    Budget management for better surplus
    Submitted Sun 5 Jan '14
  • Home budget Calculator
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    Submitted Fri 3 Jan '14
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A simple expenses management tool that you will actually use

Spentable Quickest and Simplest Expense...
Review posted Sun 4 Mar '12  ·  51 comments

We have reviewed many expense and money tracking apps in the last few weeks -  Budget With Back In Black, My Weekly Budget and In-Ex Finance to name just three - it must be a sign of the times. The fact is, with over 80% of Americans stressed about their personal finances, it's probably time that you took matters into your own hands and organized your finances a little better. Spentable is a very fast and efficient expense tracker that you will more than likely use. It's a simple and user-friendly iPhone and Android app that will help you budget ... Read more

Complete business tools to handle direct sales

Flourish Grow your business
Review posted Wed 1 Feb '12  ·  4 comments

If you are a business that deals in direct-sales then you are going to need a full set of business tools to ensure your enterprise has the best chance of success. You could write everything up in a ledger like in days of old or use a combination of accounting and business tools to keep you on top of everything. Flourish is a very clean and professional set of business tools that provides you with all the ammunition to deal with everything from inventory, invoice creation, customer relations and reporting. It's a very user friendly way of managing your direct ... Read more

Expense Management Apps


Submitted Thu 13 Mar '14
Magically split your checks and bills

SplitWizard is the best app to magically split even the most complex checks and bills between multiple people. Restaurants, road trips, group BBQs, parties and much more!... Read more


Submitted Wed 19 Feb '14
Never type your expense notes again.

A cloud-based spend management platform that provides an automated flow to manage all your personal and company expenses. Just scan or take a picture of your receipts via... Read more

Budget Planner

Submitted Sun 5 Jan '14  ·  191 comments
Budget management for better surplus

Budget Planner application allows you to: Check your incomes and expenditures as they come and save/export them as CSV file. You can start with fresh budget after saving the... Read more

Home budget Calculator

Submitted Fri 3 Jan '14  ·  178 comments
Manage your home expenses and incomes for better...

The tool contains the list of common sources of incomes and expenses generally occur in monthly or annual basis. The user needs to keep adding the incomes and expenses as they... Read more

Student Budget Planner

Submitted Thu 2 Jan '14  ·  186 comments
Helps you to plan your budget wisely

Student Budget Planner app keeps you updated with balance in hand and save the inputs for future references. The application allows you to record save and edit the incomes, study... Read more

Wedding Planner

Submitted Thu 26 Dec '13  ·  131 comments
The wedding budget planner for android devices

Wedding Planner is a simple application for budget preparation for the special event. The application allows you to record save and edit the pre and post events expenses. It... Read more