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The best way to protect your 'sensitive' mobile photos and data from leaks and scandals

Privacy Lock App Master, the Most...
Review posted Sun 30 Nov '14

Privacy on our mobile phones has been much discussed over the last few years. Whether it be the 'theft' of photos or personal details, it's probably even more of a problem now than it was two years ago - and we still haven't really come to grips with it. Many of us are lazy with our devices and they are often left hanging around unattended for anyone to pick up and view. The solutions have often been weighty, clumsy or expensive apps that are inconvenient to use and can offer up as many problems as they solve. Privacy Lock is ... Read more

Essential free unlimited cloud storage, backup and transfer between two computers

Book My Cloud Cloud Based FREE Virtual Disk
Review posted Sat 7 Jul '12

Book My Cloud is a free backup and cloud-based storage application that can be used for files, music and video but it may well be it's secondary use that makes it a very useful acquisition for your home or business. Where this virtual disk comes in really handy lies in its ability to access files from a second computer without the need to copy stuff onto disc to transfer it. It's simple to save your files in the cloud and access them quickly and easily  - no matter where you are or what time it is.   This free new ... Read more

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Other new & related apps

  • Contacts Kit - Backup/Import
    One-Tap export contacts in Gmail,...
    Submitted Wed 11 Mar '15
  • App Share/Backup
    Best BACKUP and SHARE app for android...
    Submitted Tue 10 Mar '15
  • BMEX
    The most advanced files/contacts...
    Submitted Sun 15 Feb '15
  • Skyvia Service
    data integration, cloud data...
    Submitted Sat 14 Feb '15
  • All in One Cleaner - Speed up
    The best app to keep your device...
    Submitted Sat 17 Jan '15
  • bitCalm
    Configure backup for your server...
    Submitted Fri 3 Oct '14
  • Card Link Up
    phone book, phone list , contact list...
    Submitted Tue 16 Sep '14
  • CardLinkUp
    phone book, phone list , contact list...
    Submitted Fri 12 Sep '14
  • BKF Recovery Software
    Repair Corrupt BKF Files
    Submitted Thu 4 Sep '14
  • PressBackup
    Backup your Wordpress site in three...
    Submitted Wed 27 Aug '14

Find the right backup service

RemoteOnlineBackup Online Backup Providers
Review posted Sun 18 Dec '11

While it is vital to backup your computer files on a regular basis for safety's sake there is always some conjecture about which company has the best features and price to suit your files and your pocket. RemoteOnlineBackup is a tool to view reviews of many different backup services so you can decide exactly which one is right for you. Safeguard your photos, videos, and documents by backing them up in a secure remote location. RemoteOnlineBackup helps you find the right backup service for your needs by reading customer reviews of the most popular online backup services and software.   ... Read more

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Backup Apps

Contacts Kit - Backup/Import

Submitted Wed 11 Mar '15
One-Tap export contacts in Gmail, Outlook and...

Contact Kit app provide facilities to Import and Export contact Book from one Device to another device One-Tap export contacts in Gmail, Outlook and vCard Contacts. Merge... Read more

App Share/Backup

Submitted Tue 10 Mar '15
Best BACKUP and SHARE app for android in one...

App Share/Backup let you to share and backup your installed app via message, Gmail, bluetooth, what's app, facebook, QR-Code, Dropbox etc.By using App Share/Backup you could... Read more


Submitted Sun 15 Feb '15
The most advanced files/contacts exchange app

BMEX enables you to send and receive contacts, pictures, videos, music, and all of your important files over a Wi-Fi network. With the wireless data transfer, there's no need for... Read more

Skyvia Service

Submitted Sat 14 Feb '15
data integration, cloud data migration, cloud...

Skyvia is a cloud service for data integration and backup. The service enables users to perform data export, import, replication, synchronization in a simple user interface.With... Read more

All in One Cleaner - Speed up

Submitted Sat 17 Jan '15
The best app to keep your device running

Description No need to install different applications to clean junk files, cache files, memory, privacy data, backups, boost battery, moving apps to SD card, boosting games &... Read more


Submitted Fri 3 Oct '14
Configure backup for your server extremely fast

bitCalm is servers backup SaaS service for SMBs web business which don't have sysadmin or devOps. It allows configure server backup easily in 55 seconds. Read more

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