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An addictive racing game that looks so easy to play...but isn't!

Smacky Cars Experience the thrill and...
Review posted Thu 22 May '14

Do you know the thing that turns a good game into a great one? It's a game that looks simple enough for you to win...but isn't. All the most successful games are like that. Candy Crush Saga and Tetris as well as the Angry and Flappy Birds all come to mind. They look so darned simple that you give it a go. An hour or so later you're wondering how you haven't managed to master it yet. Another hour and you're totally addicted to it. Smack Cars is one of those games. On the face of it, what could be ... Read more

Free, retina friendly high def wallpaper for your iDevices

Wallpaper.HD Beautiful HD Wallpapers for...
Review posted Sun 20 Oct '13

You would think that there would be enough wallpaper applications out there to fill the Titanic but, after having a look through the images compiled by Wallpaper.HD, there is always room for one more. We are constantly looking for suitable and attractive images to beautify our online presence -whether it be for our social network page, our home computer screen or our business design - and this design app for iOS certainly delivers it in spades. Wallpaper.HD delivers thousands of totally free high definition images in numerous categories that you can download and share with your family and friends via ... Read more

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    Communication by using your license...
    Submitted Fri 17 Apr '15
  • Washos
    Washos delivers car cleaning at any...
    Submitted Tue 31 Mar '15
  • RK Car Race
    RK Car Race is a very exciting Car...
    Submitted Thu 26 Mar '15
  • Road Rage 3D - Endless Racer
    Test your reflexes and become the...
    Submitted Fri 13 Mar '15
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    Your Car. Smarter.
    Submitted Fri 13 Mar '15
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    Submitted Thu 5 Mar '15
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    The best way to stay cool online
    Submitted Sat 28 Feb '15
  • StopSign_Nada_Nasrallah
    Road Signs Quiz
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    Submitted Tue 16 Dec '14

A better way of negotiating your car deal

AutoSwan Hassle free car buying
Review posted Mon 1 Jul '13

I have to admit that one of the better things I ever did when I was thinking of buying a used car was to hire a 'broker' to find me the one  that I was looking for. What usually happens is that I trudge off to the car markets on a Saturday morning with a fixed idea in my head of exactly the car I want. Not twenty cars...not ten...just this one car that I have set in my head that is the perfect car for me. Naturally, that car doesn't really exist and it usually ends with my heading ... Read more

Customizable trip logs and time tracking for the professional driver

DriverMatePro driving jobs, journey log,...
Review posted Sun 18 Nov '12

Things have changed dramatically over the years for professional drivers. No more is it possible to just jump in the cab and transport your goods across the country. These days drivers are often required to fill in logbooks detailing length of trips and rest periods taken etc. With many businesses you won't get paid unless you fill in details of your trip in a log. DriverMatePro is a set of time tracking Tools for Android and iOS that gives you everything you need to keep logs on multiple journeys. Work schedules, live job offers, trip logs are all featured in ... Read more

Find great parking in major US cities

ParkMe We make parking easy
Review posted Fri 6 Jul '12

Parking is one of the banes of the modern city, isn't it? It can be hard to find and quite expensive. Very expensive if you get parking fines. For the city council it causes headaches as well as a valuable form of income. For the commuter there is little more frustrating than being behind someone new to the city looking for somewhere to park their car and see the sights. ParkMe goes some way to alleviating many of those problems by providing parking data to give solutions to the seemingly eternal problem of big city parking. This free transport and ... Read more

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Submitted Fri 17 Apr '15
Communication by using your license plate number.

Join application and register with your car license number and start communicate with all We Love Traffic users. You can make friends on the go and the hours that you find in... Read more


Submitted Tue 31 Mar '15
Washos delivers car cleaning at any location from...

Washos connects people and skilled detailers for on demand mobile car cleaning. You book, we dispatch, your car shines! We allow people to save precious time while we take care... Read more

RK Car Race

Submitted Thu 26 Mar '15
RK Car Race is a very exciting Car Racing game...

RK Car Race is a very exciting Car Racing game you have never played yet.You have multiple cars, you can choose one of them. You have unlimited road track with difficulties and... Read more

Road Rage 3D - Endless Racer

Submitted Fri 13 Mar '15
Test your reflexes and become the king of the...

Road Rage 3D is an endless racing game that takes you on a high speed journey. With the help of various powerups, and a selection of unlockable cars including a Taxi, Police Car,... Read more


Submitted Fri 13 Mar '15
Your Car. Smarter.

LyfeLens turns any car into a connected car. It does this by combining multiple technologies into a single product designed not only to solve problems every car owner experiences,... Read more

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