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Next generation recruitment and employee management that's kept in the cloud

EmpXtrack Global HR and talent...
Review posted Tue 15 Apr '14

Up until the last few years, the whole business of human resources (or HR) has proved to be a rather fractured one in the business world. Sure, the big businesses have had it nailed down for a while but companies with a limited budget tended to either have one person with a spreadsheet or the work was covered by several different departments. Unless its a pretty small organization, it's rare to see the same people who hire and fire staff involved in staff performance reporting and getting the best out of your workers. EmpXtrack is a ground-breaking and all encompassing ... Read more

Organize and manage your complete digital library and have access wherever you are

PDFstash PDF reader and library...
Review posted Mon 25 Nov '13  ·  395 comments

Once upon a time, the most frustrating aspect of a meeting away from your office was when you checked in your briefcase for a certain piece of paper only to find that you had forgotten or mislaid it. These days, with a computer close at hand, we seem to have alleviated much of that problem. Away from the computer is a different matter, however. Unless you had the forethought to email yourself the information so that it was easily accessible you still have the same problem. Your information is at one place and you are at another. PDF stash is ... Read more

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  • SAP Recruiter Daily
    SAP Jobs in UK, USA, India
    Submitted Wed 10 Sep '14
  • CastleGate
    Applicant Tracking System for Growing...
    Submitted Sat 26 Jul '14
  • Zalp
    The #1 Employee Referral Tool
    Submitted Thu 24 Jul '14
  • Zorvit
    Connecting employers to recruiters
    Submitted Fri 27 Jun '14
  • Nucruit
    Recruiting made simple.
    Submitted Sat 7 Jun '14
    Video interviewing and digital...
    Submitted Wed 28 May '14
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    The easy way to hire employees that...
    Submitted Thu 10 Apr '14
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    Quantifying Human Capital
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SAP Recruiter Daily

Submitted Wed 10 Sep '14
SAP Jobs in UK, USA, India

Find thousands of #SAP jobs worldwide and get hired in top software companies, Cost free service for sap#consultants, #clients for effective SAP Recruitment's Read more


Submitted Sat 26 Jul '14
Applicant Tracking System for Growing Companies

CastleGate is a modern applicant tracking system that strives to make the recruiting process as easy as possible for both job seekers and hiring managers. We provide filtering,... Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Jul '14
The #1 Employee Referral Tool

Zalp is the No.1 Employee Referral Tool used by organizations world wide to increase their employee referral output. Zalp enables organizations to build a completely automated... Read more


Submitted Fri 27 Jun '14
Connecting employers to recruiters

Zorvit, a cloud based on-line recruitment marketplace, which connects startups and SMEs to professional recruiters and recruitment agencies. Zorvit is not just a recruitment... Read more


Submitted Sat 7 Jun '14
Recruiting made simple.

Nucruit is a new recruiting software platform that makes your recruiting process simple and enjoyable. It will help you get your core recruiting tasks done, and then gets out of... Read more

Submitted Wed 28 May '14
Video interviewing and digital screening tool provides you the most effective, easiest-to-use video interviewing tool on the market. Our tool works within the web browser, no software installations needed. Our... Read more


Submitted Thu 10 Apr '14
The easy way to hire employees that succeed

ClearFit is the world’s first and only SMB hiring platform. It is designed exclusively to help small and medium-sized businesses quickly and easily find and hire the best people... Read more

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