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Send Me Home

Submitted Tue 23 Sep '08  ·  1 comment
A free tool that helps you recover your lost items

You tell us which items you want to register and we give you a tag ID. Place the tag (or just write the tag ID) on the item. If you lose the item, anybody who finds it can go... Read more


Submitted Mon 22 Sep '08  ·  1 comment
Make Word of Mouth work for you

Power every page, blog or site with Tell-a-Friend & let your visitors reach their friends on Email, IM or Social Networks without leaving your site. Read more

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Submitted Mon 22 Sep '08
... stay connected

Chat and share on your phone, no matter where your friends are. Xumii allows you to stay connected with all your friends right on your phone. See the latest status from your... Read more


Submitted Mon 22 Sep '08  ·  2 comments
Are spammers and hackers in control of your Inbox?

Silverfeed plugs the hole in our defensive armor and works with any email address or email service – personal and corporate. With Silverfeed, you never give out your personal... Read more


Submitted Sun 21 Sep '08
Visually explore spots of interest around the...

Pictid is a social media community where users can visually explore spots of interest around the world. Pictid lets you upload, view, and share photos/videos of popular Nightlife,... Read more


Submitted Fri 19 Sep '08
Print only what you want

Ever print out a webpage only to find what you printed is mostly empty space, ads, logos, and other stuff you don’t want. lets you remove all that junk... Read more


Submitted Thu 18 Sep '08  ·  1 comment
Gift Reinvented

Shopping & Gifting Redefined! myFavz is a new social shopping network with a magical twist, where you can: (Anonymously) find the “Perfect Gift Ideas” Each time, Every... Read more


Submitted Thu 18 Sep '08  ·  1 comment
Stay Connected. Stay Organized. Keep Tabs.

TabUp is a social collaboration space for keeping Tabs on the groups, people, and activities you care about. People use TabUp to better organize their daily activities, strengthen... Read more


Submitted Wed 17 Sep '08
One Click Away!

Search: Search all your favorite websites from one screen. No need to visit them all separately. Bookmark: Import your bookmarks, or download the Zeadoo extension and bookmark... Read more

Submitted Wed 17 Sep '08  ·  1 comment
Increasing Knowledge Transfer

The universal online portal for science, advanced teaching and academic research. is a joint project between GmbH and Global Law Research.... Read more