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Submitted Wed 19 Nov '08
GPS Community Tool

Bikelogger is the home of all your GPS data. Read more


Submitted Wed 19 Nov '08  ·  1 comment
See how the crowd rates your favorite stocks

Tell us which way you think your favorite stocks will move. See what the crowd thinks about thousands of stocks—all for free! Work together to outsmart the market! Read more

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    Simplifying coding for the cloud.
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    Submitted Tue 24 Mar '15
  • TinyShout
    Proximity Messenger
    Submitted Sun 22 Mar '15
  • Muut
    Better community. Better discussion....
    Submitted Sat 21 Mar '15
  • Frim - chat for friends
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    Submitted Sat 21 Mar '15
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    Submitted Fri 20 Mar '15
  • blabel
    Social Network
    Submitted Thu 19 Mar '15
  • locol
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    Submitted Thu 19 Mar '15
  • Internet marketing tips
    Free tips and resources
    Submitted Wed 18 Mar '15

Submitted Wed 19 Nov '08
Helping Businesses Succeed is a social network for small business. It connects you to people who can help your business succeed. Read more


Submitted Tue 18 Nov '08
Do you ever need to vent? Let off some steam?

Let off some steam, rage out, have a stress, flip out, rant away! There are times where you just need to let it all out – that’s where RantPile comes in! Be as... Read more


Submitted Tue 18 Nov '08
A community for financial news, ideas, and tips

It operates as a social media platform, meaning the community (you) decides which news stories and investing tips should be published on our homepage. Tip’d users vote on... Read more


Submitted Mon 17 Nov '08
Creating the world's biggest study group

A free social knowledge sharing web application which allows college & university students to share their papers, notes and other materials. Read more

Wipee List

Submitted Mon 17 Nov '08  ·  3 comments
Get in control of your tasks

A to-do list manager. In long: it’s a webapp that helps you prioritize your current tasks to increase your productivity and get things done faster than ever before. Read more


Submitted Mon 17 Nov '08
Make Your Website Stickier

Gum is a simple behavioral analytics tool that helps you make your site more interesting to your core audience. Gum isolates your most engaged users and tells you what they like... Read more

Submitted Mon 17 Nov '08
Trim your URL and other stuff too! is for quick, easy, full-featured URL shortening service with integrated posting to social networks such as Twitter, with conversation panels, and a free public API. Read more


Submitted Mon 17 Nov '08
A social networking status generator

Status generator for social networks like Facebook and Twitter. For those of us who can never think of something imaginatively witty to say. Read more