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Build your own forms to easily collect all your data

FormMule Taking the donkey work out of...
Review posted Tue 22 Oct '13

It's interesting that FormMule uses a mule as its logo because this form building application really does take the donkeywork out of the business of creating forms online for your data. In the past, it's been pretty easy to create forms to collect data of all sorts online - assuming that you have a pretty good knowledge of coding, that is. But how about the rest of us? Well, FormMule solves that problem in an instant by letting you create them for all your needs - whether that be for your business, for birthday parties and weddings or for anything ... Read more

Create next generation online surveys for your mobile devices

GetFeedback Online Surveys for a Mobile...
Review posted Wed 2 Oct '13

In days of old, the only real feedback that a business would get would be an 'over the counter' one from a disgruntled customer. And even then, it is said that for every person that complains, there are another six who will simply tell their friends...who tell their friends. Things have moved on from those days and meaningful knowledge has been gathered via everything from door-to-door surveys to in-person focus groups. But the single biggest change in survey gathering has occurred since the turn of the century. The online survey business now generates in excess of two billion dollars annually ... Read more

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Make Wiki lists and share them around the world

Listnerd Tripadvisor for Everything
Review posted Wed 19 Dec '12

Around this time of year the media usually serves up their end of year 'best of' offerings where they will list everything from the best films of the year right through to the best anti sexist speech against an  opposition leader by a standing PM...and yes, Julia Gillard, you do win that one hands down. But who decides just who is on the list and what order they come in. Generally it's one journalist with an attitude. So Listnerd takes the concept of the list back to the people and lets them decide. This crowd sourcing community application is a ... Read more

A 'Made for Mobile' survey and quiz app for great CRM

Survey Anyplace Mobile Feedback made Easy
Review posted Wed 3 Oct '12

I guess the biggest difference between this new online survey application and other recently reviewed apps like TabletView and Pinnion is that Survey Anyplace has been developed specifically for mobiles. This iOS and Android app is a simple way for anyone to create eye-catching surveys and quizzes, wrap them in their own brand colors, add a logo and multimedia elements and get customer feedback to provide a better service and better profits. At under thirty dollars a month for the most popular plan Survey Anytime may be a cost effective way of providing better customer service management for your business. ... Read more

Land measurement when a tape measure just isnt long enough or accurate enough

Measure Your Land Get squares and distances...
Review posted Fri 1 Jun '12

Measure Your Land is a mapping and measurement app that would work equally well for the casual amateur as it would for the busy professional. MYL relies on a satellite map to measure distances and areas of land whether it be a long road or a very short path and delivers the results right onto your iOS or iDevice. There is a free version that gives you fully functioning measuring capability or a paid version for business or heavy users that gives you unlimited access to all functions.   Measure Your Land (or MYL, as we are going to call ... Read more

Personalized surveys and quizzes for iPad, iPhone and Android

Tabletquiz Personalized Quiz and Survey...
Review posted Sat 17 Dec '11

See Feedmyapp special promo code below. One of the best ways of really getting to know exactly what your customers and website viewers want is still the old-fashioned quiz, questionnaire or survey. There's really nothing that gets to the crux of the matter like a few carefully chosen questions or a detailed survey about your product or commodity. Tabletquiz is a survey application for your mobile than enables you to create personalized quizzes and surveys for iPad, iPhone and Android. It makes full use of the uniqueness of the smartphone and tablet's features with their screen-size, ease-of-use and multimedia capabilities. ... Read more

It's time to unsuck surveys

PopSurvey It's time to unsuck surveys
Review posted Mon 7 Nov '11

Surveys are a fascinating phenomenon aren't they? Despite our seeming obsession with polling people for their opinion on everything from preferred political leaders to the taste of cream cheese they can be manipulated beyond belief. You can basically interpret the information anyway you want to. The only thing that tends to turn that around is the volume of people taking part. The more people that take part the less chance there is to interpret it wrongly. PopSurvey creates beautiful looking and interesting surveys that really do encourage people to get involved.     For billions and billions of years surveys have ... Read more

iPhone & iPad Survey Software

Avius Insight iPad Survey iPhone & iPad Survey Software
Review posted Sat 17 Sep '11

Usually we rely on feedback taken from a single source. Political polls tend to be based on either a phone survey or by voxpop polling in the local mall. The Avius Insight IPad Survey looks at the survey in a different way and produces data based on polling compiled from a number of gathering methods giving you more accurate results.   This survey tool gives the user full control over polling customer opinion with custom templates allowing flexibility to specifically 'brand' the survey. Avius provides concise and simple reports and feedback on how your customers feel on specific subjects, arming ... Read more

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Smart customer feedback, one question at a time.

Inquirly Smart customer feedback, one...
Review posted Mon 12 Sep '11

You can hire any number of business analysts to give you feedback on your company's performance and suggest new marketing ideas. It does tend to cost a small fortune though and if you are a small business that can be a little cost prohibitive. Similarly you could be just after a few simple pointers on how to improve your business and make more money. That's where Inquirly comes in.Inquirly helps you get actionable feedback from your customers without complex forms or long surveys. They dont believe that bulky surveys or annual reports. They are doing for surveys what Tumblr did ... Read more

Discover what people think!

RaiWitter Discover what people think!
Review posted Mon 12 Sep '11

If you ever want to poll your Twitter followers (and I can see the many reasons you would) then this is the application for you. Raiwitter is the simplest of free survey tools. It only has one use and that's to count the number of your followers who agree and disagree with your mind bending Twitter tweets. Read more

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