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Monitor all your networked computers from one place and keep your workers honest

Net Orbit Manage Your Entire Business...
Review posted Sun 9 Feb '14  ·  101 comments

The introduction of the computer systems has been such a boon to business over the last twenty years or so that it's impossible to envisage life without them. But with them comes other problems - especially now that every man and his dog seems to belong to some form of social network. There is always the temptation for them to log into their Facebook or Twitter account, play online games or, God forbid, watch porn sites and waste the time that you are paying them for. So, how can you monitor what they are doing behind their computer screens and ... Read more

Keep track of your family and your smartphone

Family Checkins by Puntalo Puntalo makes it easy to...
Review posted Sat 9 Mar '13  ·  484 comments

The safety and security of your loved ones is what we are talking about here. Puntalo is a free phone tracking application that works on all smartphones - old and new - and let's you map where your kids are, when they get home and even track that phone you might have left on the bus on the way home. This easy to use app makes it simple to find the last position of up to five different smartphones and can even send you an SMS notification when they get home from school. You can even check what your partner ... Read more

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    Review posted Fri 30 Dec '11
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    One click bookmarking in one location
    Review posted Tue 3 Jan '12
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    Review posted Thu 5 Jan '12
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    Fast calendars to print
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    Advanced analytics for your website
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    Share your short and precise movie reviews
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    All the news you will ever need
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Real-time local weather that you can keep in your pocket

SkyMotion Introducing accuracy and...
Review posted Fri 1 Mar '13  ·  36 comments

We seem to be more obsessed with the weather nowadays than ever before. Mind you, it's hardly surprising seeing the bizarre and often life-threatening weather conditions that have been prevalent in the last few years. Who said there's no such thing as climate change? With weather conditions becoming more and more extreme it could be more than useful to have absolutely up to date and very accurate information. It could save your life one day. SkyMotion is a 100% up to the minute interactive weather app for iPhone and Android that delivers detailed weather information across the US and Canada. ... Read more

Is Windows 8 up to the hype or just another Mac clone?

My Windows 8 It is all about Windows 8
Review posted Fri 9 Nov '12  ·  6 comments

It used to be that any release of a new operating system by Microsoft was an event that would be shouted from the rooftops. Who remembers the heady days of Windows 95 when stores opened at one minute past midnight to queues of hundreds of geeks ready to be enlightened. For the last few years Apple Mac have been the top dogs and grabbed all the headlines. Steve Jobs sad passing was the Tipping Point that sent apple into overdrive with tablets and mobile touch technology revolutionizing how we interact with our computer. Now some say that for the last ... Read more

Windows Apps


Submitted Sat 5 Apr '14
Deploying and managing apps has never been easier

Created by a top mobile app design and development agency, AppBlade provides a platform that can manage mobile applications, users, and devices in one convenient tool. The UI and... Read more

Fishy Rush

Submitted Tue 18 Mar '14
ios, iphone, ipad, android, windows, winphone,...

Fishy Rush is an extremely fun and addictive underwater adventure game, which sees the user navigate a small fish through an underwater world that’s filled with obstacles that... Read more


Submitted Thu 13 Mar '14
edb to pst,microsoft edb to pst,edb 2 pst,convert...

Exchange EDB file converter easily move EDB to PST with great efficiency. Advance EDB to PST expoter program successfully recover Exchange server and view EDB data in an accurate... Read more

OnAir Player

Submitted Tue 25 Feb '14
Your private music cloud that can be controlled...

OnAir Player is your private music cloud that can be controlled from any device. It is the central place where users can access all their music and stream it to other... Read more

Submitted Fri 21 Feb '14
Smart, Simple, Safe email.

Inky is a cloud-enabled email client for Mac and Windows (with iOS and Android coming soon), available for download at Inky is a completely new take on the traditional... Read more

Conversion of Windows Live Mail to PST

Submitted Fri 20 Dec '13
conversion of windows live mail to pst, windows...

Conversion of Windows Live Mail to PST, import Windows Mail to PST or export EML to PST with high speed approach EML to PST Conversion Tool. Read more

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