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Review posted Wed 18 Jan '12
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Wallpoper, not wallpaper! There must have been a reason but herein lies a design tool for your desktop,  mobile device or iPad that delivers background wallpaper...but it's called Wallpoper. Any ideas anyone? No, me neither. Still, this rather attractive looking design and search tool does precisely what it says it's going to do. And that's to deliver high quality and interesting photos and designs that you can use to decorate your online backgrounds.
If you are looking for free wallpaper for your desktop or mobile device then Wallpoper is a good place to start. They simply describe themselves as a high quality wallpapers database which is searchable by keyword, color and resolution. At the last count there were over 200,000 images all totally searchable by subject matter, key colors and even the resolution that will fit perfectly in your device. Wallpoper is as easy as pie to use. Just type in your keyword in the search engine whether it be Yosemite, cheese, Justin  Bieber or Elizabethtown  , then choose any specific colors required and the correct resolution and, voila, you'll be delivered a bunch of cool images to choose from.
The most impressive thing about this wallpaper application is it's depth and quality of images. With over 200,000 fully searchable photos and designs available and all searchable by size as well as category. Wallpoper is an easy to use and completely free tool that could provide you with just the feel you are trying to project in your background. Either that or it will be the picture of the girl with the big bosoms that you always wanted. You choose.

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