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Review posted Thu 6 Oct '11
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Catchy name, huh! 72dpi.cc is free storage share tool that allows you to save and share information with others on the net by giving links to download it. It's a fast and exceptionally easy way to store some of the volume of information we receive online that seems to grow by the minute. Once you've completed the rapid fast registration you can login, upload files and create links to share them within a couple of clicks.
72dpi.cc is a file hosting and file sharing service along the lines of the popular Dropbox. Not only can you save information but you can also share it with others by way of download links. Registration will only take you 5 seconds after which you will be able to login, upload a file and create a link to share it. Files are saved with no time limit, but there is a file size limit – 2 gb per file. And, of course, you cannot upload files that are illegal – these are deleted as soon as the service receives a notification. With two clicks you can upload images, documents, zip files, etc and generate short links that you can share with other people. They will be able to view your files in their browser or download. This startup is planning to offer paid accounts with more features this year, although the pricing has not been announced yet. Meanwhile, the service is absolutely free and has a simple interface and nice design.

The unfortunately named 72dpi.cc goes some way to solving a problem that is only going to get bigger over the years to come. Storing and sharing information on the net easily and quickly with a minimum of fuss. While there are other sites that do similar things, 72dpi.cc is an absolutely free service and it seems silly not to consider it. It's like keeping stuff in a storage building and giving out a virtual key out to anyone who you want to access the information. Simple, fast and free. Now if they can just do something about that name.

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