The Birdy: A simple personal finance tracker for budgeting your cash flow and spending.

Review posted Tue 20 Sep '11  ·  19 comments
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The Birdy is fun and easy way to track and manage your day to day spending habits without the need to involve bank account data or other personally sensitive information.

It’s free to log in and open an account and there are a number of ways to enter the details of where your cash has gone. To take away the burden of remembering the Birdy will email you daily with the question and all you have to do is respond accordingly to have the information logged and stored. Alternatively you can text or enter it directly on the website.

Users are encouraged to take advantage of the tag function to categorize items and these tags can be further rolled out to create subcategories which will give the available reports much more depth and clarity.

The reports themselves look clear and easy on the eye and cover three basic areas. A colour coded graph shows expenditure over a number of months allowing you to see any peaks and troughs whilst more detailed daily amounts are recorded on straightforward diary pages. A pie chart completes the set and breaks down the monthly sums into categories.

A nice touch is the Streaks feature which is basically a reminder if you start slacking. In an effort to ensure you maintain a daily routine and with it a much clearer overall picture of your finances, you’ll be constantly reminded how many consecutive days you’ve entered your details.

This comes with easy to use functions and clear and concise reports providing a simple way to track where your money goes and maybe change some habits.

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