RefreshMe: Add instant memory recall to your Android business tools

Review posted Mon 11 Feb '13
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RefreshMe is one of those Android apps that makes you wonder why they didn't include it with the cell phone as standard issue in the first place. Very simply, the app gives you a rundown of previous discussions with your incoming contact so that you don't act like a blithering fool or have to hunt around for your notes from the last time you spoke or exchanged texts. Not only will it show you the last time you connected with your caller but it will also remind you of the items you discussed. And, as a very useful final bonus, RefreshMe provides note taking facilities so you don't have to scramble around for a pen and paper when you need to jot something down.
RefreshMe is the app that transforms your cell phone by giving both you and it the perfect memory. If you have ever had an incoming call and been completely flummoxed as to what you spoke about the last time you had contact with your caller then you will find this app a very useful acquisition. It provides a record of the information you need automatically and at your fingertips each time a call is received. RefreshMe tracking delivers, in one easy to review stream that provides a  complete who, what, when and where of every contact calling or texting you. When you receive a call or SMS it triggers the past history of contact with that person on your screen for easy review so that you will know exactly when you last spoke or received a text from them and what it was concerning. RefreshMe also gives you the option to insert notes while speaking meaning you wont have to go scrambling for a pen and paper or relying on your memory. Notes can be edited at any time and can be used to keep an indefinite history and record of past discussions with a client.
Given how simple this neat little set of business tools is, itIts quite surprising that Android hasn't thought of adding it to their standard roster of apps that come with their cell phone. For the busy businessperson who takes a lot of calls RefreshMe is a bit of a godsend as it just gives you a nudge as to what your conversation is going to be about. Let's face it, it's not exactly professional to forget a phone conversation or have to go hunting for your notes each time someone calls. This intuitive and smart app is a must have for those who wish to keep a record of what has been said and what is likely to be said. If you are quick, this Android app is free...but you've got to be quick.

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