MSS - Markescope Stock Screener : Add risk measures to your stock screening criteria

Review posted Wed 23 May '12
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I don't confess to be an expert on the money market and I'm sure I'm not alone there - especially in this volatile economic climate. So it seems imperative that, if you are going to invest in the stock market, it is vital that you have access to up-to-the-minute information on what's on the way up and what's on the way down. MSS-Markescope Stock Screener for iDevices and iOS is now available for portfolio managers and traders and provides all the usual capabilities of a screener as well as an added risk measures to the screening criteria.
MarkeScope Investment solutions has released its stock screener on the Apple app market. But as well as the normal measures that the average portfolio manager or trader usually uses when creating screening filters this one is the first stock screener that adds risk measures into the screening criteria. The user can choose from several different risk measures to create their own filtering criteria. The risk measures include (but are not exclusive to) Standard deviation, Sharp ratio, Treynor ratio, Calmar ratio and Max drawdown. The database supports up to 7000 different stocks and includes all USA stock exchanges. You can send reports that include the screening results or just a security of your interest and recommend the stock on your Twitter or Facebook account or via an SMS to traders, clients or your colleagues. Search what is being said about the stock on Twitter or Google. There are an awful lot of analytical tools associated with MSS enabling you to fully comprehend the way the market is flowing and letting you get your info to your clients quickly and reliably. Despite its complexity MSS features an easy to use and fully customizable  interface.
MSS MarkeScope has a database that covers over 140 industries and is fully customizable meaning you can set it up to capture up to 100 different criterial with the powerful search engine. Data can be analyzed as a daily, monthly or annual reading and you can easily save your searches for future comparison. If the stock market is your form of betting on the future it makes sense to have a form guide and MSS achieves all it sets out to do and makes it easy to read and comprehend to give your chances of increased profits a bit of a lift.

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