DuoShare: Address validation and bulk mailings in the Cloud for any organization that mails, ships, or deliver

Review posted Thu 27 Oct '11
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If you are bulk sending your online information to a large amount of previously unsubstantiated addresses the last thing you need is for half of them to come back as unknown. DuoShare is an address correction and validation business tool that uses certified USPS information to presort your mail outs. Set in the Clouds, it corrects and validates addresses for bulk mailings for any organization that mails, ships or delivers a message.
Make sure your shipping and mailing addresses are accurate when they are entered with a platform independent web service. DuoShare provides USPS® certified, on-demand address correction, validation, and presorting for discounted mailings. It is a unique platform that combines a self service front-end with powerful back-end processing and integration capabilities. Submit a file to validate and correct all your addresses via the web based application. You can use the updated addresses and validation indicators to keep your in-house address list or database clean and up-to-date. DuoShare’s concept is that address quality is tantamount for everyone and that every address matters. When using DuoShare’s on-demand service you receive cost effective, enterprise class software paired with unmatched service.

Up until now you've had two choices when preparing a list of addresses for a mail out. Either go through and check every address manually before sending or just send them all and deal with the ones that don't get delivered or are returned later. Both those aspects are time consuming and costly in lost time. You also end up doing the same job twice. DuoShare is a fail safe option that allows you to submit your mailing list and have it thoroughly analysyzed and corrected ready for sending. It's simplicity is it's beauty.

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