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Review posted Fri 6 Jan '12
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Spn.ee is the missing piece in the tweeting triangle. The first part is to identify the product you wish to tweet about. Then there's the actually tweet and how best to promote your product with a review. The third part is where Spn.ee comes in. It's a tool that gives you a line of code to insert in your website which will analyze the parts of your website that work and the parts that don't.
If you are wondering if that product review you tweeted about or that newspaper article you shared actually generated any sales then Spn.ee will give you all the analytical ability to find out! Spn.ee give you a line of code to insert onto your website that will trigger response data and make it easyfor you to delve deeper. If you are not sure how to add it they will provide your webmaster with easy instructions. Just sign in to Spn.ee to create links to share anything you want by email or on social networks just as you would with any other URL shortener. You'll get superior analytics to other link shorteners as well as being able to see user location details down to the city level and consequently filter out any automated bots from the real users! Spn.ee shows you your conversion data next to your other Google Analytics event tracking enabling you to see everything in the same place.Now you'll be able to show your boss just how much your work is improving the bottom line and to guide your team to what works in future campaigns. The more friends you add the more you’ll start to learn about yourself and others around you.
Analytics-it's a wonderful thing, isn't it? Many people will happily tweet their product until the cows come home to promote it but there arent that many that can be bothered to analyze the results. Those that do tend to either slave away with numbers and comparisons or indulge in costly overcomplicated systems to gather and investigated the results of a promotional campaign. At just US$19 per month Spn.ee is a simple yet comprehensive and cost effective way of analyzing whether your promotion really worked or not.

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