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Review posted Wed 31 Oct '12  ·  33 comments
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Where web design is concerned, the current trend is to design your own website with one of the easy step-by-step applications like WebStarts, Plebu, EXAI or WebStartToday. But sometimes there is a good argument for using a professional web design company. If you use a tax accountant to work out your tax at the end of the financial year you will know how their expertise and knowledge can give you the best result possible and the same can be said for web design. Hiccup Solutions is a highly experienced web design company that are adept at designing and developing all aspects of web design for everyone from large companies to small startups.
As a web designing company Hiccup Solutions has been building websites since 2005. They are adept at interface design, usability, multimedia integration, information design and content management and aim to create a powerful extension of your brand through your website and other internet applications such as corporate blogs, online communities and integrated promotions etc. With Search Engine Optimization being the cornerstone of  any business, Hiccup understands that surfers do not click through pages and pages of search results and expect the web to give immediate answers to simple queries. They definitely do not want to sift through heaps of advertising to get what they want. Hiccup is also an independent software testing company that concentrates solely on testing software, business processes and IT with the goal of helping our customers to achieve the benefits of their technology-enabled changes faster. They offer a 'pay as you go' management plan is ideal for those needing sporadic modifications and occasional revisions. Hiccup keeps your site updated and competitive with consumer needs and without breaking your budget. Hiccup will also host your website and have an enviable record of 99% server uptime and are virus and spam free.
Hiccup Solutions is an all encompassing web design application that covers pretty well everything from organizing beautiful and original designs all the way through to hosting your site. They are a highly professional business that offer competitive prices on all aspects of web design to encourage and inform your customers and visitors. And with the boom market being mobiles these days, Hiccup also develops customized apps for iPhone - essential in the current climate. If you don't fancy the simplicity of DIY web design and think that a professionally designed site or blog will give you the edge over your competitors you should take a look at Hiccup Solutions.

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