Rare Artifact App Builder: An Android app to create Android apps from any web page

Review posted Tue 24 Jul '12  ·  5 comments
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It's becoming more and more obvious that there doesn't seem to be a hint of the App avalanche slowing down any time soon. So the ability to create your own app from your web page would be rather useful, wouldn't it? The interestingly named new startup application Rare Artifact App Builder is a free Android app that actually makes other Android apps. And, unlike many other app builders, there is no programming required and, what's more, no ads whatsoever.  There's even an app version available on Google Play.
 So why make an app from your web page? Well, there isn't much we can't do within a web browser these days even from a Smartphone. App development can get expensive, usually several thousand dollars, and chances are your app is going to interact with the web in some way anyway. So why not just create a killer mobile website, then create an app that functions as a self-contained mini web browser that only displays your site?This Android App maker will convert a web page to an app without any ads, allowing you to make an app version of your HTML or Mobile website. There are quite a few app builders around but most other services that offer to turn a web page into an Android app will embed their own name and mobile ad code allowing them to monetize it - and you don't get a piece of the ad revenue until you've made them a certain amount of money first. There are no ads on Rare Artifacts. Since your app is merely an extension of your mobile website your content is updated automatically as you update your web content.
I've you are thinking of getting into the app business...stop thinking about it and start doing it. There is no better time than now as customers are hungry for more toys to play with on their devices. Rare Artifact takes the need for procrastination out of the equation by delivering this simple to use Android app that can create an Android app from your web page immediately saving you money on designers and suchlike. It's a simple app to use with a QR code available within minutes. Effectively, Rare Artifact is a startup tool that is kind of like a web browser that only loads your site and is a great alternative to building another expensive app that needs updating constantly.

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