Book Cricket 2012: Anyone for iPhone cricket?

Review posted Fri 10 Aug '12  ·  25 comments
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Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world and, unbeknown to many, it's played in over one hundred countries around the globe. And if you grew up with the game you probably have memories of playing made-up flip book cricket games under the desk when the teacher wasn't looking. Well Book Cricket 2012 is the modern day equivalent of flip book cricket except that it's about a thousand times more fun.
Cricket is one of the most popular sports across the globe and its popularity  continues to grow with the increasing number of fans worldwide. Many cricket fans have their own cricket tales to pass on to their kids. This Book Cricket application tickles childhood memories of playing cricket with a flip book though it replaces your text book with technology despite the book still being the decisive element in  deciding who wins your game. Whether you are a fan of 'the noble game of cricket' or not, you will have a lot of fun playing this easy to play sporting application for iPhone that lets you play whenever you want and wherever you are. Book Cricket features fantastic stadium ambiance with excellent graphics, some very addictive game play, simple rules, the ability to pick your own team and your opponent's. It also has a cool score board, snappy and attractive animations for fours, sixes and getting out for a duck and a liive score displayed in the game arena. You can share your game results in Facebook and on Twitter.
We here in the FeedMyApp offices don't review that many games but BookCricket 2012 struck a note with us that we just couldn't resist because it has proven to be so addictive. It's gameplay is simple yet unusual and managed to keep us entertained for hours. It's a game you can play while commuting on the train or bus and, on finishing the game, you can boast your scores on your favorite social network. Cricket fans will love to have this fun game on their iPhone but, for you non-believers, you can be another inductee into the 'I love cricket' club. You do realize that they play cricket in the US don't you?

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