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Review posted Fri 30 Dec '11
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The Facebook fan page has massive potential for advertising that really hasn't been exploited enough. What better way is there to interact with your customers and promote your product to a potential audience of millions. And, whats more, you can do it for free. Build Chatter is a Facebook fan page designer that's not dissimilar to Cool Mojito and iFrameTab and helps you create professional looking advertising pages for small businesses as well as professional designers.

BuildChatter was designed and developed by a team of social marketing professionals to give all businesses the tools necessary to develop, maintain and profit from their social network. Here is an app suite to allow normal small business folks and professional designers alike to build a Facebook fanpage presence for business easily and quickly. You wont need to hire someone to do it for you either as its simple enough to do it all yourself without the need of a designer or coding. It delivers all the tools necessary to run a successful fanbase 'building and engagement' campaign. Build your fan page with a number of eye-catching interactions like a video showcases, via gifting, with voting contests or a sweepstake, a custom made boutique or showroom,  coupon or group-buy sales and even bespoke quizzes to create interest. Build Chatter allows you to create a custom page in just minutes to show off your brand, event or venue or to go viral and build your brand and spread your message in video. Or give your fans the gift of giving with customized gifts that build your brand and drive sales. or deploy interactive, entertaining and viral fan contests to have some fun and build your following. Design your boutique store, upload your inventory and start selling with only your Paypal account or grow your network, database and engage your fans with a custom sweepstakes. Then its just a matter of engaging your fans, going viral and getting feedback from then with customizable quizzes and surveys. Build Chatter helps you generate buzz, drive sales and reward followers with limited time or group buying offers. Finally you are able to create a showroom to sell those things that must be felt or can’t be shipped.

With the amount of free Facebook fan page designers available these days it can only be ignorance of their presence or pure laziness that prevents you from using them. Anything you can do to make your promotions more interesting has to be the right way to go. Build Chatter provides a varied array of tools that allow you to keep your customers satisfied with videos, visuals as well as a whole rash of interactive gimmicks toehold their attention and connect with your product or event. It's ridiculously easy to use and you'll have your page designed and published fast...and I mean fast. You can even try a 30day free trial if you're quick.

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