Ether Gallery: An artistic showroom on your mobile device

Review posted Mon 13 Jan '14  ·  54 comments
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For some reason, there is a problem with most art related online apps and websites. Basically, most look rather pitiful. I can only assume that they are put together by the artists themselves who have no idea how the online audience views them. I guess they use the other side of their brain. So, when a beautiful online art gallery like The Ether Gallery comes along and features a bunch of extremely talented artists and sculptors - it could be time to sit up and take notice. Take your time, relax and click your way through an array of inspiring and powerful art that includes sculptures, designs and paintings
Ether Gallery is a brand new art and entertainment app for iOS that was created specifically to showcase the art and sculpture of a group of very talented individuals and brings the showroom to your mobile device. The gallery curators love pieces that make them ponder and art that has the ability to lift spirits as well as being mesmerizing and hypnotic. But with so many different types of artists out there in the world - all aiming to capture and share their own feelings and emotions - there can be a lot to take in. Ether Gallery encourages you to sit down and relax as you click and swipe your way through showroom after showroom of artwork and sculptures from some of the best and most exciting new artists. The gallery believes that the artists and sculptors featured here all create work that is uplifting and amazing. You can start with Lucy Temple's arabic inspired designs before moving on to the gritty urban paintings of Melanie Comber. Enjoy the powerful visual sculptures of Rachel Schwalm or the elegant solidity of installation designer Simon Hitchens. Then there is Emma Alcock's minimalistic linear canvases and the geometrical wizardry of SaraMara. Each artist's feature page shows a great deal of their most inspiring pieces with the option to either view their work, their biography or their inspiration. Simply tap the button of your desired interest and enjoy where the app takes you from there.
Ether Gallery is a beautifully designed showcase that is enveloped in an interface that is almost a piece of art in itself.  Just select from the featured artists to see their highly impressive work that ranges from arabic inspired designs to colorful glass installations and powerful sculptures. The developers’ aim is to get the viewer to take a moment out of their busy day and immerse themselves in the creative works of the artists that are featured. All are young and all are supremely talented. Ether Gallery is free to download and ad-funded but be aware that you will need internet access on your device to access the content of the gallery.

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