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Review posted Fri 2 Dec '11
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You know that old song that they used to use for the Coke commercial years ago called 'I'd like to teach the world to sing?' Thousands of attractive people from all around the world singing their hearts out while interacting with others. Well it would be a fitting theme song for Badoo. Here is an online community that's truly global and provides members with the opportunity to communicate and share stuff whether just around the corner or on the other side of the world.

Badoo's mission is to provide the world’s fastest way for people to meet each other locally and globally. Badoo is a social networking tool that provides access to a truly worldwide online community and provides its members with the ability to communicate and share their lives with people both locally and around the globe. Its many features include the next generation in photo and video sharing and social networking. More importantly, though, Badoo allows its users to gain an instant mass audience for themselves and their work.

Badoo is already the world’s largest and fastest growing social network for meeting new people as proven by the millions who have joined and the hundreds of thousands who sign up daily. So what makes this huge social network thats closing in on 135 million members so special? Quite simply, it works! Badoo sets a clear, easy to navigate, visually focused stage and the users control just how much or little they wish to participate in the experience. Badoo's members find joining the community a positive regular addition to their social lives both on and off line and even if they keep their Badoo connections strictly online the experience is always fun and entertaining. Badoo also continues to develop new features and fun games to keep our growing community engaged, loyal and telling their friends about them. Badoo is a free service but also offers premium paid options for those who wish to be seen by far more people in their area and to truly take advantage of all the possibilities available on Badoo. These premium options are all conceived to easily and efficiently increase a member’s success in attracting and selecting the people they would like to meet and connect to.

Badoo is all about putting people in touch with others from around the globe. There are close to 135 million people signed up in 180 countries on 7 continents and it's available in 37different languages so there are plenty of people to choose from if you want to chat or share some info. You can even log in with your Facebook or Twitter account. Badoo claim (and they are probably right) that they are the fastest growing network and the largest meeting network in the world of cyberspace. Wanna get involved?

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