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Review posted Tue 4 Dec '12
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It's always a little bit dangerous reviewing religion-based applications. Sometimes, an attempt at wit is taken as criticism and can cause some bad feelings. But there's little bad I can say about this beautiful looking iOS app that is designed so that those of the Muslim religion can keep their holy words in their pocket. iPhone Qoran is one of several apps available for the Muslim religion's holiest book but none are as impressive looking as this one as its eye catching pages are scanned from an approved and authenticated printed copy.
When you open your iPhone Quran you will notice that this quran has some colorful text. These are Tajweed Rules so if you love to read Quran like a Qari, these Tajweed rules will help you to read your Quran correctly. You will be amazed just how beautifully and easily you can read all of the 611 pages of Quran Pak.  When the lettering is colored as a dark pink color it tells you to read that letter heavily while the green color tells you to nasalize that letter. From there, you may jump quickly to any of the 114 pages of Surah of Quran Majeed or to the 30 pages of Juz  of Quran Hakeem. It features a unique ribbon placed at right of each page which you can tap to bookmark that page.
Calling this Abrahamsoft's iPhone Quran application is a bit misleading really as it covers the whole gamut of iOS devices and includes iPod Touch and the very user-friendly iPad. In fact, this app looks absolutely amazing on the iPad because the beautiful calligraphy it is scanned from is a particularly lavish version of the Muslim religion's holiest book. And to put your mind at rest, this version is the printed Quran is officially rubber stamped as an authentic copy. While this version is aimed at the Muslim community there is nothing to stop other religions having a look at it too. It might well be impossible to read for most of us but it's an awful lot nicer to look at than the Gideon's Bible that most hotels have in every room.

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