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Anyone who designs things for a living will be able to attest to the fact that often the hardest part of the design process is coming up with the original concept in the first place. After that it’s reasonably plain sailing. Web designers often search through pages and pages of images and designs in magazines and on the internet looking for inspiration to spark an idea. But there is so much information out there that it can become time-consuming trying to find the visual images to inspire them. DesignFaves is a photo, architecture, art and design application for the creative kind that was developed to fuel the creative passions in web designers worldwide. It claims to unite inspiring designers from all over the world under one virtual roof to inspire others.
Graphic artists are always on the lookout for images that inspire them or are trying to find content that sparks their interest that they can store away and use later. They look for the beauty in the world in everything they see. It inspires and encourages them. This beauty and these inspirations help to shape the many artistic projects that endleslly flow from their colorful and imaginative minds now and in the future. Its not just the beauty of the world that inspires artists though as they also tend to feed off of other artists’ design energy. It's one of the things that fuels creativity and sparks passion. The end result is a planet full of designs that are as varied in style and substance as the artists who have created them. And that’s where this app comes in. was born in 2013 looking to unite the world’s absolute best design and visual culture under one roof. They have their eyes focused on art anywhere and everywhere in the world and share their favorite designs with you on a regular basis. They deliver daily posts and exclusive articles that marry the very best modern expressions and innovations from the Branding, Art and Graphic Design worlds and more, resulting in a truly comprehensive view of the design world.
First up, one has to say that this app for the more creative types is an absolute delight to look at. It is filled with some of the most beautiful images, visuals and short articles about artistic types that I've seen in a long while. Search through categories that range from digital to illustration, funny to street art and music to vintage to find some truly inspiring stuff. Just click on the image to be taken to all the images and even an article about the subject. You could probably find a lot of similar content to this on the net if you had a day or so to look. DesignFaves puts a great range of inspiration artists at your fingertips for free to inspire fellow artists and the generation to come.

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