Listango: A better way to organize bookmarks that you will actually use

Review posted Sun 25 Nov '12  ·  32 comments
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I have to admit the the whole bookmarking concept is a very useful way of saving favored web pages for easy reference later... so, i ask myself, why on earth don't I use them more. Considering I'm at or near my computer close to 14 hours a day and use it constantly that has to be considered a problem. The bottom line is that I haven't found one up to now that fulfills what I'm looking for. What I really want is an easy to use and user-friendly way of saving, organizing and sharing web pages that i can use on my computer as well as my iPad and I think I may well have found it in Listango.
Listango is a clean and simple bookmarking tool that makes it easy to save, organize and share your favorite web pages and features its own web browser for viewing your links. It came about through necessity when the developers, like me, we're a little disillusioned by the paucity of good bookmarking apps. What we really want is a very simple tool that would allow us to quickly save and organize bookmarks online while having them accessible from any device. Listango users can easily set up folders to store their links and then share these folders with friends. Lets assume that you are planning a road trip down America's east coast. You can  set up a folder containing links to all the places you want to visit and places to stay and then share this list with your friends. Unlike other bookmarking tools, Listango allows the user to decide whether or not to share their bookmarks with the outside world and you can simply set individual folders to public or private - making it easy to decide which information is shared. Listango is supported on all modern web browsers, and can be accessed from any PC, phone, or tablet.
Basically, Listango is a better organized way to bookmark. If you are anything like me you have a ton of bookmarks on your computer that are so poorly organized that you never use them and half the reason for that is that they are hard to find and access when you need them. Where I found this app most useful was in doing research, in my case on the east coast road trip, and it was simple to set up a folder and save everything into the relevant place with just a click. It was also great to have a set of bookmarks that I could either keep to myself or share with the folks I was going to meet up with over there. Listango is not going to change the world but it is, for me, a much more user friendly way of bookmarking that can be used across all platforms and is shareable through your favorite social network.  I think I might actually use this one.

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