FlaTank Prime: Blast em with new and improved old school tank action

Review posted Thu 12 Jul '12
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Do you remember those old school computer games that you to play when you were younger? You would spend every waking hour playing them to the point of obsession. It's not as if they looked like a million dollars either...they just had that addictive gameplay. Well I can't say that Fla Tank Prime is quite up to the heady days of old but this fun arcade-style action game has all the addictive elements that make you say "oh, okay, I'll just play one more game." Much of this game has stayed the same from the earlier version except for a couple of vital areas. It's faster, it's got more levels and your tanks can now fire more than one bullet at a time - and that changes everything.

Fla Tank Prime has been optimized to be faster and enhanced to be far more enjoyable than the earlier version...simply titled Fla Tank. There have been more levels added to this free game as well as more enemies but the big difference is that you can now fire more than one bullet at a time and you  won't believe how that changes the game. Fla Tank Prime has been described as a straightforward addictive retro style 2D action tank game that was inspired by games of old but the difference between this and similar games is that you can have a hand in designing the action. Just go to the http://www.FlaTank.com download page to get the free maze editor and submit the code for the maze you design on the feedback page. The intention is to eventually have at least 500 viewable levels so you can see how many levels you have completed and how many to go. The focus of the game is on the design and strategic skills that can keep your opponent guessing but this isn't the kinda stuff to leave you with a furrowed brow - just a big smile on your face when you blow stuff up.

Fla Tank Prime is a game for all ages where you don't have to prove yourself to be a great strategist or someone who studies battle of old to blast your opponents to smithereens. You are the blue tank and the aim of the game is to drive round a maze, which is different on every  level ... and then kill all opposing enemies! You can control your tank using four buttons which are kind of like the arrow keys on a playstation pad and then  shoot bullets at your enemies to blow them from here to kingdom come. Fla Tanl Prime is a fun action game that will be heaps of fun to play when traveling or commuting to work or as a great way to unwind after you get home at night.

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