TRAVELOG: Blog your great travel moments in real time

Review posted Tue 19 Jun '12

Regular readers will know that there is nothing we like more in the FeedMyApp offices than a new travel application to inspire us to travel to new places. The aptly named TRAVELOG is a social travel blog app for iOS iDevices that encourages travelers to log their travels and share their favorite memories with other members. It features a concise number of tools that allow you to capture precious moments on the go and  inspire others with great descriptions of beautiful places around the world.
A few years back i was privileged enough to see the most beautiful piece of real estate i had ever witnessed and have bored my friends with the story time and time again. Coming out of the tunnel view and into Yosemite Valley literally took my breath away and, if I had TRAVELOG around then, I would have screamed it from the rooftops to everyone I know. Only a couple of years late for me,  TRAVELOG is a blog service that allows travelers to log and share their favorite memories of their travels. It uses just the right number of carefully crafted tools that allow quick ways to capture the beautiful scenery while on the go or log contextual location based notes that you can share easily and automatically get organized by the name of the  city and country. TRAVELOG also creates a web-blog when users sign up so that users can fully enjoy their logs on a richer web-optimized view. Another unique feature  is the discover tab where users can check feeds of the travelers they follow and read the logs from the travelers who are currently visiting the hottest and the trendiest cities the world over.
As I said earlier, we love travel apps at FeedMyApp. Some of our recent favorites have been HipGeo, Go Pro Traveling, Tripomatic, KnowWhat! and the one with the WiFi finder - mxGreatBritain guide. TRAVELOG is a simple to use and completely free travel blog, with a social aspect thrown in, for you to log your travel adventures and share memories like the Yosemite Valley with other travelers all over the world.  I could have just snapped a picture of the glory of El Capitan or the sheer beauty of Bridalveil Falls, written a few or many words to express my earlier gasping and then  immediately share the moment with my TRAVELOG, Facebook and Twitter pals. My, things are moving fast...

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