SocialTransactions: A brand new way of supporting charities without handing over a penny

Review posted Wed 21 Nov '12
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SocialTransactions (or STRX as it will be known) is a next generation charity and fundraising application where everyone is a winner. It is a platform that really does make it simple for people to support their favorite non profit causes without handing over a penny of their own money. This very clever application works on the "affiliate marketing concept" where designated non profit organizations are paid money directly by advertisers when a purchase is made at virtually any online store
Online stores pay billions in sales commissions every year to third parties who advertise and host their stores and products. Every time you click on one of those advertised sites the third party is paid a commission for the service. So how about if you could divert that into a charitable situation by making the charities the third person? Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?  STRX is a breakthrough application for fundraisers and online advertisers that offers a free service to connects your nonprofit to this new source of  fundraising. It basically makes it easy for people to support their favorite nonprofit causes at no cost to themselves whatsoever. STRX works as a browser extension that makes an automatic donation whenever an individual buys something at virtually any online store. The developers work directly with nonprofit organizations and promote Cause Funds, a charity which supports  eight awesome causes from education to healthcare to the arts. Fundraisers can distribute the browser application to their affiliates by email or their social network for inclusion on their websites or blogs and, every time someone clicks, charitable givings take place.
The concept behind STRX is a brilliant one. This is early days for the app and the concept but the more that get involved, the morecharitable money will change hands. By using the tried and tested and very user friendly "affiliate marketing" concept, the app acts as an advertising forum for online stores and the money that would have gone to some enterprising webmaster is now in the hands of the people who need it most. Genius! STRX was founded by a team of non profit veterans and technology entrepreneurs and their aim was to find fundraisers a new way of sourcing revenue in these difficult times. I think we can safely say that they succeeded admirably.

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