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Review posted Sat 8 Oct '11
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If you’re a business owner looking for greater exposure and a boost in customers then getting yourself listed on Insider Pages could do you a lot of good. Once listed mind you the service you provide better be up to scratch because if it isn’t those unsatisfied customers will be able to tell the world about any shortcomings.

On the other hand of course, satisfied customers can also sing the praises of a job well done so you can get exposure and recommendations all on one directory website.

Insider Pages has been going since 2004 and has literally hundreds of thousands of business listed from hair & beauty, home & garden, auto services and many many more. Businesses signing up for a listing fill out all of the relevant contact details and areas of specialism and can upload logos and photographs to give a professional look.

Anyone in need of a particular service can search from a category list or refine the request down to more specific points such as location. Whether your experience subsequently turns out to be good or bad you have the opportunity to sign up and review the business accordingly.

The team at Insider Pages will have the last word on whether your review is appropriate and they also act as the Judge in cases where a business feels the review is either completely inaccurate or just malicious.

The addition last year of a search function for medical services was met with some enthusiasm and anyone looking for the inside story on a particular practitioner doesn’t have to rely on just patient experience. As well as providing the relevant board ratification, Insider Pages also gives a nod in the direction of any official malpractice or sanction records a practitioner may have.

If you want to find out if your choice of builder is a craftsman or just a cowboy however you'll probably have to rely on the views of his last customer.

Opinions on service levels obviously vary from one person to another. What’s considered adequate for some may be pushing the limit of unacceptable to others. Sensible consideration of the facts is what is needed however a business with a string of negative reviews is probably worth avoiding. For businesses, if you’re confident about your abilities then take advantage of a listing and the resulting exposure to a much wider public.

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