BattleQuiz: Challenge your friends to a social trivia quiz

Review posted Mon 24 Sep '12
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Trivia games are always winners, aren't they. For some unfathomable reason you always want to answer one more question. BattleQuiz is a seriously addictive social trivia game for iOS and Android that features over 10,000 questions covering eight different topics. You can challenge your friends and test your knowledge at the same time on subjects including music, television, movies and even social media.
BattleQuiz is a social trivia game in which friends compete against each other in challenging quiz battles. BattleQuiz provides players with a fun way to test their knowledge on various subjects ranging from Film & TV, Social Media, the Olympics, Math, Geography, Travel and Music of the century. Like other insanely popular games like Wordfeud and Ruzzle, BattleQuiz is a turn-based game and users can connect with Facebook to invite and battle their friends on the topics they love! Each round consists of seven questions. The player that answers the most questions correctly wins the battle! But there is more, players also have access to four different power-ups to outsmart their opponents. We all know the 50/50 and time-bonus lifelines but BattleQuiz introduces the Steal and the NoNo as two completely new lifelines in the quiz universe. For every battle won, players earn XP and coins to unlock new arenas and get extra power-ups.
BattleQuiz is a fun little trivia game for iPhone, iPad and Android that's great for wiling away the hours and competing with your friends. But it's not just about knowledge as there are ways of evening up the score card by using speed and tactics to give yourself an advantage. With over 10,000 questions it is bound to teach you stuff as well as earning you rewards as you move up the leader board against your friends as well as random opponents. BattleQuiz is fun, free and is easy to play. Get addicted to trivia!

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