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Review posted Sat 3 Dec '11
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I remember a time when Human Resources went under the name of the Personnel Department and still wonder why it was felt necessary to change it. After all personnel sounds a bit like personal and has a touchy feely aspect to it. Resources on the other hand just sounds like another commodity to be chucked onto the mincing machine but I digress!

I was reminded of all this because somewhere in this site’s blurb whoever wrote it has a memory as long as mine and slipped up, dropping ˈpersonnel departmentˈ into a paragraph. Apart from that this one looks like it has a host of features to cover all aspects of staff recruitment and management.

Starting at the beginning WebHR is a cloud based system so requires no painful installation or downloads. In a short space of time you can have the system set up and configured to suit the unique staffing challenges faced by your organization.

Before you can manage staff you need to recruit them and this system has a module to advertise jobs, screen and shortlist candidates and schedule interviews with email reminders sent to all parties.

The management capabilities of WebHR are pretty comprehensive and will allow for the timely monitoring of staff performance and assist in spotting the need for training and support. I only hope the use of the phrase "lazy employees" is for demo purposes and doesn’t come as a standard heading for actual use. After all, HR departments generally write in code when it comes to contentious issues and would probably use "efficiency deficient" as an alternative. 

There are a whole host of features to this one and so if your staffing numbers are rapidly approaching a level where you can no longer stay on top of things with a few files and a chat over a coffee you should have a look. It can even handle the often confusing issue of payroll including holidays, sick days and the generation of pay-slips. It can’t lick the brown envelopes though!


This certainly looks like it will get all of those time consuming and painstaking staff issues dealt with in a digital fashion. What’s more it will probably go a long way to making sure you’re compliant with the grey area of employment rights. 

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