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Review posted Thu 20 Oct '11
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If you’re looking for an enterprise quality project management system but not at the prices that usually come with it then Cobalt has all of the functions you probably need.  With it a small team of up to 3 users can manage an unlimited number of projects for $49 a month.

All bases are covered with this application and its collaborative nature means that each team member is kept constantly up to speed with the status of projects and can see a clear breakdown of the required tasks personal to them. Each user’s dashboard lists both current and upcoming projects and tasks with everything tracked to show the percentage completed.

Any issues arising during a project can be easily logged and assigned to team members with a due date for resolving them. These can be tracked and viewed on reports making sure nothing is left out and a project can move smoothly on. The same functionality exists for managing potential risks associated with a particular project.

Having everything connected to a project stored in one place is a bonus for any kind of business and Cobalt makes this process easy. All kinds of documents can be uploaded and attached to specific task items along with links to documents on other websites.

The general overview of all projects can be seen and edited from the interactive Gantt chart where all aspects can be linked to provide a logical order and tracked accordingly. All of this, available without the overhead of an IT department gives the smaller project teams plenty of functions to ensure smooth workflow.

With a good list of features, and future updates available automatically, the scope of Cobalt’s offering gives project teams a professional system of good quality.

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