ZilicusPM: The complete array of project management tools

Review posted Sun 22 Jan '12
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I'm not sure that I've seen a business project management application that is quite as in-depth as ZilicusPM. It provides a complete management program with project planning, collaboration and execution, a bug tracker, document management as well as a timesheet tracker which covers pretty much all of your business needs. There's also a huge array of tools to analyze the data gained and allow you a complete overview of everything that is going on under your roof.

If you are looking for the complete project management solution that provides online project planning, collaboration & project execution capabilities integrated with bug and issue tracker, risk register, risk management, timesheet tracker and document management features...you have come to the right place. ZilicusPM is a work management solution for your whole team. Every team member will be happy to use it because it is intuitive & easy to use. It also empowers project managers & team members to collaborate, work smarter, faster and achieve their goals.  It instills transparency and accountability in your project team and this enables everyone to focus on goals. Everyone in the team get real time status of project progress and  team members receive automatic email notification of tasks assigned to them. Team members get automatic alerts to update their timesheet and they can easily track & record time spent on project activities. As they update timesheet their entries project managers can get a timesheet report  for each team member. ZilicusPM also features a plethora of other features including project planning, gantt chart, task schedule, issue tracker, risk management, timesheet tracker, document management, dashboard & reports, an online calendar, to-do lists as well as a portfolio dashboard.
See...I told you it was pretty immense, didn't I? ZilicusPM really is an all encompassing business project manager that seems to cover all bases and keep everyone in the know - you, your co-workers and collaborators and the customer too. Despite it's complexity Zilicus manages to deliver everything you need with the minimum of fuss and with a very professional and informative interface that delivers all the data you need in a flash. You can try it for free now but Zilicus claims to be able to deliver this in depth business management tool at a very competitive price when it really gets going. Don't miss out.

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