Crowdin: The complete solution to all your translation needs

Review posted Fri 5 Oct '12  ·  63 comments
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I'm sure we've all bought one of those kits where the instructions have obviously been really badly translated from its native language into English. We laugh at how ludicrous the translations are but, in reality, it's hardly the stuff that will encourage you to make a repeat purchase  - especially if your kit doesn't quite turn out how it was supposed to. For the professional organization, the translation of your written material is vitally important and Crowdin offers a 'best in show' app for iOS and Android that is a complete solution to translation problems whether your project is in just one other language or a multitude of different ones.
Crowdin is a translation and localization management platform that handles both document and software projects and its online translation tools let volunteer or professional translators work collaboratively for the best quality results. It aims to make localization a part of your application or product development process, it's  transparent for developers as well as being very handy for translators and informative for managers. Upload your files in any language and in any one of the supported formats and use the powerful translation tool to pre- translate before switching to the editor to smarten things up. The advanced editor enables translators to work faster and more efficiently. Create a community to translate your project into any language you can imagine and use it whenever and wherever you'd like and Crowdin will take care of synchronising the translations. It features easy migration of translations between your project versions, awesome collaborative tools, workflow management, simple user-friendly interface and loads of other unique features.
Crowdin is a massively well organized and easy to use translation app that you can have in the palm of your hand via your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Androd. It translates into over thirty languages with the added ability to find others to translate into any other language. It's editing and intuitive technology make it like an expanded Google Translate that deals with big as well as small projects. Crowdin offers many different pricing plans that range from a mere ten bucks a month for small projects. Where it really comes into its own as a cost effective application, however, is when translating your project or startup into many different languages. Crowdin makes it easy and accurate. Now where are those dodgy instructions for that do it yourself Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Waters kit I bought on that last Asian trip?

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