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Review posted Tue 3 Jul '12
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There are some Pinterest users that use it purely for it's entertainment value while the are others that utilize it's popularity by advertising products or events on the social network. PinAuthority is a social media analytical application that lets you track and analyze your Pinterest statistics as well as having an in depth look at the top 1000 users on a daily basis. This free monitoring tool gives you a great overview of your Pinterest statistics by logging  how many followers you have, how many people you follow, pins, boards, likes and repins.
PinAuthority is an online application with which one can track their Pinterest statistics including your number of followers, following, pins, boards, likes and repins as well as tracking the statistics of the top 1000 users and a select band of featured users on a daily basis. With one tool you can view historical data of your Pinterest statistics as well as those of others to get an insight about the success of a marketing campaigns. The intuitive graph displays how your Pinterest followers or pins counts are going up or down daily. Pinterest itself provides a follow button  but it is a static image whereas  PinAuthority provides a button which also displays the Pinterest avatar and number of followers on Pinterest. The button can be easily embedded in one’s website or blog using a single line of javascript code. This widget is ideal for showing off Pinterest followers count on blogs and thereby getting more Pinterest followers. The main focus here is on providing the user with a dashboard to track down every aspect of their Pinterest profile. Facebook and Twitter login is integrated along with normal email registration for ease of authentication. There’ are two separate pages for listing the top followed users on Pinterest and newly indexed users. These are good tools to get introduced to new and influential profiles on Pinterest as well as Potential targets for one’s next campaign. We also allow users to get featured on our homepage and sidebar which gives them more exposure and thereby more followers for a small monthly fee.
I'm still rather amazed that Pinterest has got as big as it has when there are just as interesting social photosharing apps on the market that haven't captured as much attention. However, that's beside the point. PinAuthority let's you take total control of, and totally understand, how your Pinterest account actually works and how to use it to its fullest extent in terms of advertising. This free and easy to use app isn't about looking good or being flashy. It's all about analyzing the trends, twists and turns it takes to advertise  with Pinterest. If you want to do it properly then here's a great place to start.

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