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Review posted Fri 25 May '12  ·  3 comments
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Apps have become one of the boom industries of the 21st Century and I'm a little surprised that there haven't been more developed like this Ovulation Calendar for iPhone. This fitness and health app takes note of all aspects of conception and provides details of your most fertile days based on menstrual history and then tracks the progression of your pregnancy. Developers Zycia are well know in the health and fitness industry and also provide advice on conception and fertility from their website as a back up.
Zycia thought about developing this Ovulation Calendar after one of their prestigious clients located in Australia requested an application that could help to predict the future fertile days for conception based on menstrual cycles. They developed this iPhone application so that it records body temperatures and menstrual cycles and calculates the most fertile days based on it. There is a very limited window in which conception can occur. A fertile egg has a lifespan of 24 hours once released from the ovary at ovulation and sperm have a lifespan of around 2-3 days. Therefore your most fertile days fall 2 days before and 24 hours after ovulation. Zycia's Ovulation Calendar provides alerts for your most fertile days and also predicts future fertile days so you can plan when you both put your best efforts in, so to speak. This application keeps records of previous your menstrual cycles and delivers graphs that help to analyze fertility patterns. It provides tools and resources to accurately pin point your unique fertile days, learn about conception and ovulation and track the progression of your pregnancy.
Having a baby can be the culmination of a relationship but, if something is standing in the way, anxiety and lack of knowledge can lead to all number of problems. Ovulation Calendar is a free iPhone application from noted health professionals Zycia that gives you accurate information on your menstrual cycle as well as your fertile days now and in the future. With the window of opportunity for conception being rather small it is important to know the exact times when it's time to do the deed so having it sitting conveniently on your iPhone can only be a good thing.

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