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Review posted Wed 21 Sep '11  ·  15 comments
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There’s not a whole heap of stuff to review about this site but that’s not to say it isn’t a useful addition to the gang of web developer dating agencies putting likeminded techno kids together.

It’s free to use so we’re off to a great start. Anyone struggling with a start-up can post a request to the site for anything from a developer or programmer to marketing guys and potential investors. If it’s just advice you want then you can request that too.

All requests are vetted by the guys at eBackers before being posted to the public page in an effort to cut out spam and other unsuitable activity. Personal email details remain confidential and all responses are channelled through the site and forwarded to your regular email account.

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that you could get a whole team together, get it funded and then market it to the world based on a simple posting to eBackers.

One minus point I noticed when I viewed the site was the non-functioning ˈsort requestˈ tab where the only one that worked was ˈshow allˈ. For a potential investor browsing for opportunities it could prove pretty tiresome trawling through pages of designer requests before happening on a project that needs cash. Just an observation but it would round things off.

So if you’re looking for assistance or want to get involved in the development of a start-up this is a place to get the date you’re looking for.

Simple and free to use application putting web developers in touch with sources of technical and financial assistance.

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