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Review posted Fri 23 Sep '11  ·  3 comments
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Now here's a social networking tool that takes the spirit of the community quite seriously. LocalHero is an iPhone tool that connects you with friends and local people who have the skills you may need to help you out in a crisis. Or maybe you are just looking for people around you who have similar interests to you. LocalHero can put you together with them too.
We live such busy lives these days that you can often overlook a friend who has a special skill. Maybe one is a wallpaperer...one might own a horse. Maybe you need someone to help you move house. LocalHero can put you in touch with them. Just post something you need and they'll take over and do the rest. You can post on Twitter and Facebook and choose from any of your friends or locals that offer their services. Likewise if you have a special skill or interest you can post it out there to see if anyone is interested in your services.

I love a sense of community. Everyone will tell you that the Internet is killing that old 'help out' spirit but LocalHero goes some way to disproving that theory. You might just want someone in your local area to help you out with moving something or it might be something more substantial. You never know until you ask. The interface is simple and easy to use. You just post your stuff out there and wait for some responses. If you encouraged your local community to get involved too it would be a brilliant way of sustaining that communal spirit.

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