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Review posted Tue 11 Oct '11
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These video to Mp3 sites really are the internet's best kept secret to the crazed music fan. They strike me as running a similar service to sites like Napster and Limewire and we know what the music business thinks of those two. The bottom line though is that you can search, download and convert
YouTube videos into HD Mp3 tracks that you can play on your computer or Mp3 player. And you can do it for free.
Grab and Run is a video to Mp3 tool where you can search YouTube videos and convert them to mp3 in HD quality. What's more, you can convert and download them as Iphone ringtones if you wish. This service is free and fast and doesn't require any sign up or credit card. However, there is one thing Grab and Run does ask from you. If you like the site they would like you to become a fan of their Facebook page. Sounds fair to me. Unlike some download sites it's without any annoying ads. You can listen to your songs on your Ipod, iPhone or Android or any mobile or Mp3 player. To get your Mp3 file you can search the site for a YouTube video or just paste the URL into the box and click search. Grab and Run's server will then extract the Mp3 and instantly gives you the download link for your audio file. Now you can listen to your YouTube videos on your Mp3 player, iPod/iPhone/iPad or any mobile device orAndroid. 

I truly love these video to Mp3 tools with a vengeance. For the true music fan YouTube carries so much amazing live material that you won't find anywhere else not to mention the studio clips. All delivered in HD. It's easy to make your own live albums of your favorite artists as well as greatest hits. As I say, it's hard to believe you can do this without infringing copyright laws but who am I to argue. The site is simple to operate and all the links I tried worked well. If you follow the instructions you'll love it forever.

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