ABBYY PDF to Word Converter: Convert your PDF's to Word with this Facebook app

Review posted Mon 28 Jan '13
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Here is a very useful application that many will find very helpful. ABBYY PDF to Word Converter is a free document management app for Facebook that lets you easily convert PDF files, including ones you have just scanned, into workable Microsoft Word documents where the text can be edited. As in most Facebook apps, this one is simple and literally asks you to upload your PDF, select a language and the app will do the rest. You can convert up to 10 documents per month for free and register with ABBYY Fine Reader Online to get more.
ABBYY PDF to Word Converter is a free Facebook application which allows you to convert non-editable PDF files, including the ones you get from your scanner, into easily editable Microsoft Word documents using online image recognition. All you have to do is upload your PDF and select its language from a list to get started and you won’t have to retype and format text anymore because ABBYY will do it for you. Unlock text in scanned and image-only PDF files and convert them to Microsoft® Word, Excel®, or ODT for easy editing and updating. While converting PDF to text online OCR* service preserves the layout and formatting of the original, saving you from the tiresome process of retyping and re-formatting. The PDF to Word Converter lets you convert up to 10 documents a month but, to convert more often and get additional conversion tools, you can register at ABBYY FineReader Online and get 30 bonus pages for online conversion for free. FineReader Online lets you convert files in any of the following image formats - BMP, PCX, DCX, JPEG/JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF/TIF (including multi-page files,) GIF, DjVu - as well as converting PDFs to Word documents while retaining the original formatting. Many books that are distributed over the internet are in DjVu, which is not supported by most of E-book readers. With FineReader Online you can convert DjVu books to PDF or other text formats and upload them to your E-book. Among other features, you can use your digital camera, smartphone or iPad to take a photograph of your text if a scanner is unavailable and transform captured images accurately to Word, ODT, RTF, or other formats that you can edit and store. The service provides recognition of texts in 42 languages and for 37 of them a built-in dictionary is supported. Create searchable PDFs for archiving or convert multilingual documents to PDF online. ABBYY FineReader Online OCR is available for all operating systems and all you need is an internet connection. Export your documents to Google Docs, Evernote and DropBox or send converted files directly to your online document repository for easy managing and sharing them with friends and colleagues.
ABBYY PDF to Word Converter Free is a great little addition to the Facebook family of free apps. It can be quite frustrating to have text in a document that can't be changed or edited so here is an app that easily converts all sorts of documents into editable documents. This includes documents that have been scanned and photos of text that you can take with your iPad or smartphone so you can see how useful it could become. The other great thing is that it retains all paragraphs, tables and bullets leaving you with a document that looks just like the original - except that you can edit it.

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