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Review posted Sat 1 Oct '11  ·  18 comments
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Are you constantly getting cool mobile photos sent to you from friends that just blow you away? If I get one more Hipstamatic photo sent to me I too will turn green. However, they do look very cool, don't they? And i'm seriously jealous and I want one now!  Copygram is a free iPhone photo share tool that will spice up your photos and let you easily share them with your friends.
Copygram let's you breathe life into your mobile phone photos by offering gorgeous filtered effects or tilt shift blur. They bring the ever popular Instagram photo sharing experience from the iPhone to everyone and actually manage to transform your photos into works of art. That you'll want to share with your friends and family. One of the benefits with Copygram is that even if you don’t have an Instagram username you can view and share public photos everywhere on the web. Just use the search box to find a friend or search by #tag. Downloading your photos to your computer is simple...then you can upload to your social networking site. You can even order instagram prints via HP SnapFish - the best photo developer in the world.

Copygram is a fun iPhone photo share tool that turn your treasured photographs into something even more special. They've made the site as easy as possible to's really just a question of uploading and downloading and we've all done that a million times. Your Facebook friends will turn green with envy themselves when they see the startlingly cool look of your new photos. And the fact that it's a free app is a major bonus.

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