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Review posted Tue 31 Jan '12
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With a name like Choruzz this could only be a music application, couldnt it? Chorus...gettit? And while there are a whole heap of music apps available this one's sole purpose in life is to share music fast without having to sign up, do handstands or hand over any credit card details. It's powered by YouTube API and Last-fm API so you know exactly the quality of site your music is coming from. Either create your own playlists simply and easily or choose from other people's playlists and share them with your friends.
Choruzz is a service kinda like Lookfm that lets you create and share music playlists easily and  instantly without even having to sign up. Every playlist has its own unique URL which can be shared on social media websites and you can also embed playlists on your blog or website, etc. Creating a playlist with Choruzz is as easy as A-B-C. Just think of a playlist title, choose some songs and you're in business! You don't even have to sign up to create playlists - how cool is that? You do have an option to sign in with your Facebook account though and, if you do, you'll get a nifty profile page that lists all your playlists. There are heaps of playlists in the rather attractive looking interface page including iTunes Top 10, the Best of Etta James, Guns & Roses, Dubstep, The Beatles, Adele, Skrillex and Johnny Cash so you can see that there is a wide selection to look at there.
Sometimes with music apps the simpler one's turn out to be the best. Sure there are loads out there that have super duper extra features with bells and whistles dangling from them but, to be quite honest, sometimes you just want a fast and efficient music app that just does the simple things and does them well. Choruzz is such an app. Fast, clean, efficient and free. That's exactly what it is.

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