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Review posted Mon 28 Apr '14
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I planned the ultimate road trip around California a few years ago and researched it to perfection. I started a new Word page for each part of the journey and copiously listed all the websites, resources and attractions I wanted to visit for each section of the journey - right down to the music that I wanted to hear. My hard work paid off and the trip was one of the best I've ever done. If Mammoth had been around back then though, it would have saved me a hell of a lot of time - not to mention looking more impressive and proving to be a lot more fun. This productivity app is an easy and very convenient way to saving links, adding notes and selectively grabbing important content from multiple webpages. It then wraps it up into one single, shareable and beautifully organizable document.
Mammoth originally came about when the developers' finally tired of the never-ending job of copy-pasting yet another link into an email and having to constantly jump back and forth between various websites to grab all the information that they needed. They also realized that they were not alone and millions of us work the same way all the time too. There really wasn't an app out there where you could save websites and links, add notes and comments, grab important webpage content and have it delivered to you in one single, shareable, fully organizable document. So they created Mammoth to provide all those things and more. They created it with the single aim of helping users become more productive by making us better organized. The best way to start is to have all of the relevant information, collaborative conversations and important files - everything, in fact - on one single page. Mammoth takes collaboration way beyond a simple comments box and delivers the full story for all relevant parties to see. Write stuff down, add relevant thoughts, drag in pictures, videos, links or part of a webpage and add content on the go using the browser xtn and mobile apps. Communication is built right into the app and you can invite anyone with an email address and begin working together in seconds - in real-time. The fact is, when information is in one place - like in a book - it's easier to understand, develop and discuss. Mammoth helps you put all your content and conversations on one page, making it easy to work together and get things done. Quite simply, it helps you make faster decisions and gives you better feedback in less time.
I have to say at the start that I love an app like Mammoth that is designed to make our lives just that little bit easier. While it seems like an obvious thing to have a productivity app where you can lock away or share all your stuff there are surprisingly few really good ones around. Mammoth looks great, works beautifully, is very secure and actually exceeds all expectations. It can be used as a business folder or one to detail holidays at home. Its uses are endless. You can choose who you share your folders or boards with - colleagues or friends and family - and keep all relevant photos, videos, websites, links, files and text in one place. This time saving, ultra-flexible and very user-friendly productivity app is well worth investigating. One thing's for sure, it would have made the California trip much, much easier.

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