ListenItLater: Create playlists of streamed music to play later

Review posted Fri 11 May '12
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Here's a very cool music application for the serious music fan. ListenItLater which allows you to make multiple playlists of newly found music and podcasts collected from streaming websites. Create your lists from SoundCloud's vast array of sounds (with YouTube about to be added) and gather them into any number of varied playlists to listen to later when you have more time to enjoy them.
For us music lovers, we discover great new music all through the day though, quite often, we don’t have enough time to organize it right where and when we find it. ListenItLater is a bookmarking music tool that allows you to easily save the music you find so you can play it when you do have the time. That means that you no longer have to worry about forgetting that great song or podcast! ListenItLater was built for and by music nerds, rather like yourselves i suspect, who love listening to awesome music on the web. This music tool makes finding, saving and listening to your new music easier, better, and faster. ListenItLater is designed to help people collect any audio from streaming websites and you can use it as the unique place to gather any song or podcast from SoundCloud and, in the near future, YouTube and others for you to listen to at a later time.
Spare time is something that very few of us have a lot of.  While we may have the time and inclination to search out new music it's rare that there is enough time to thoroughly ingest the music you've found. Personally, I have a rough rule that I try not to make a decision on whether I like a song or not until I've listened to it about five times. ListenItLater is a music application where you can collect all your SoundCloud music so you can listen to the tunes later when there is more time. Simple as that really. Just create any number of playlists of songs and enjoy them in this free app later.


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