Astonish Email: Create, post, manage and analyze your email marketing campaign

Review posted Mon 5 May '14
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There's no excuse any more to say that the reason that you aren't promoting and marketing your product or event as much as your larger competitors is down to money or lack of time. There are plenty of cheap ways of creating a level playing field and getting your message across. Email marketing is one of the more effective ways of keeping in touch with your customer base and keeping your name in their minds. But if you are still using regular email carriers like Outlook to send out newsletters and information to your customers, I'll tell you now...there are better and more efficient ways of doing it. Astonish Email is an easy to use and cost effective email marketing application where you can quickly create, send, manage and analyze your email newsletters to give you the best chance of getting better return on investment.
Whether you are a small business that's new to email marketing or an established one that's simply frustrated with the system that you are currently using, there is something for you in Astonish Email.  Built for simplicity and with no great technical knowledge required, you can create, build and send out great looking email newsletters in minutes. It's the perfect email marketing tool for ambitous small businesses and allows you to easily communicate with all of your contacts. Astonish Email is surprisingly affordable and manages to consistently generate the highest level of return on investment for customers by making their business grow. Rather than sending bland email newsletters through your regular email account, the app lets you effortlessly add text and images to your campaigns and gives you a more explosive way of sharing knowledge while engaging your contacts with great content. Use real time reporting to measure the success of your emails by seeing who is engaging with your emails, who actually opened them see which links they clicked on.
Unlike similar apps, you don't have to rearrange your data to suit a different format. You can just copy and paste your text into the system and the app will take care of the rest. Finally, you can easily link your emails to your favourite social media networks to help build your social following.
You probably know by now that we love apps like this one. The first thing we love about it is that it is so simple to use. But, the thing we love most is that it gives small business - which represents around 90% of all businesses in developed countries - a chance to compete at the same level as their bigger brothers. Rather than sending out dull, flat emails, the app gives you the chance to add photos to your text to add a little bit pizazz and professionalism to get your information across. For £25 per month, Astonish Email will send out up to 2,500 emails every month to keep your customers involved and to tell them all your news with a number of other plans available for businesses of all sizes.

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