OneClick: Create, Send, archive commission statements to sales teams

Review posted Sun 16 Oct '11
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Time is money! Anything that can save your precious time by cutting your workload has got to be a great thing. It you are a Customer Relations Manager you need all the help you can get but generally, in small to mid size businesses, there's only one of you. OneClick is a finance and management tool that helps you to edit, organize and manage sales commission statements with ee and simplicity saving you time and money.
OneClick statements by Nirvaha Corporation is an online service that generates reports and statements for sales representatives, management and payroll. Nirvaha has been helping small to mid-size businesses with a range of innovative yet low cost Customer Relations Manager solutions including the ability to create and send sales commission statements in seconds while avoiding the tedious Excel copy and paste. It helps eliminate errors in creating statements and creates management reports with ease while giving easy access to current and past period statements.There is no  integration required or setup costs. With OneClick statements you get the detailed and accurate sales commission statements you want while saving time and money in the process.Nirvaha Corporation is a SaaS company that has been helping simplify sales commissions since 2007. Nirvaha is led by seasoned entrepreneurs and ex-Microsoft employees with experience serving clients including Intel, Honeywell, Motorola, Ford, and P&G .

If you are a very small business requiring only a couple of statements then the service OneClick provides is totally free. Just sign up and you can start straight away. The other pricing plans range between US$10-50 for unlimited statements. Given the quality of companies that utilize OneClick's organizational skills it's obvious that they are a professional organization and provide a great service for your sales representatives. And when your sales team are happy they make more money for you.

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